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angular-flickity - 👆 An Angular wrapper for Flickity (Touch, responsive, flickable carousels)

  •    Javascript

An AngularJS module that exposes a directive and service to create and control multiple Flickity instances.In my experience, including Flickity through bower often doesn't work out of the box. By default, bower pulls in the unpackaged files as the Flickity bower.json specifies rather than packaged files which seems to be what we need.

flickity-as-nav-for - Enable asNavFor for Flickity

  •    HTML

Enables asNavFor option for Flickity, where one gallery is navigation or another.as-nav-for.js is included with the Flickity pkgd.js files. If you are using those, you do not need to install.

flickity-bg-lazyload - Flickity lazyload background images

  •    HTML

Lazyload background images of selected cells.Set data-flickity-bg-lazyload attribute of the cell to the background image's url.

flickity-docs - :memo: documentation for Flickity

  •    HTML

Documentation for Flickity, the web UI library for touch, responsive, flickable carousels.Building these docs requires npm, Bower, and Gulp.

flickity-imagesloaded - enables imagesLoaded option for Flickity

  •    Javascript

This package is already included in flickity.pkgd.js and flickity.pkgd.min.js. You do not need to install this package if you are using those files.

flickity-sync - Enable sync for Flickity

  •    HTML

You can sync two Flickity galleries. Whenever one selects a cell, its companion will select its cell of the same index.See demo on CodePen.

unidragger - :point_down: Draggable base class

  •    Javascript

Used in Flickity and Draggabilly.Unidragger handles all the event binding and handling to support a draggable library.

ngx-flickity - Angular2 component for https://flickity.metafizzy.co/

  •    TypeScript

ngx-flickity is in development and not ready for production use. Feel free to install and try it out, but depend on it at your own risk. Triggered after a slide has changed.

react-flickity-component - A React.js component for using @desandro's Flickity

  •    Javascript

A React.js Flickity component. You can access Flickity instance with flickityRef prop just like ref, and use this instance to register events and use API.

vue-flickity - A Vue Slider / Carousel Component for Flickity.js

  •    Vue

A Vue Component for Flickity.js - See a live demo here. See official documentation here.

flickity-fade - Fade between Flickity slides

  •    HTML

Add flickity-fade.css to you stylesheets and flickity-fade.js to your scripts. This package is registered as flickity-fade.

flickity-hash - Select Flickity slides with links

  •    HTML

Add hash.js to your scripts. Enable hash behavior by setting hash: true in Flickity options.

flickity-fullscreen - Enable fullscreen view for Flickity carousels

  •    HTML

Add fullscreen.css to your stylesheets and fullscreen.js to your scripts. Enable fullscreen behavior by setting fullscreen: true in Flickity options.

svelte-carousel - A super lightweight, super simple Carousel for Svelte 3

  •    Svelte

This is a ground-up rewrite of the original Svelte Carousel/Slider using Svelte v3, and Siema, the goal being a fully working carousel with a tiny size. This library is pure javascript, so can be used with any framework you like.

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