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wireless-fleet-tracker - Create a Twilio-powered Fleet Tracker that uses off-the-shelf components to track and log: miles driven, hours of uptime and downtime, locations, average speed, and fuel consumption

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Disclaimer: The blueprints and information made available on this page are examples only and are not to be used for production purposes. Twilio disclaims any warranties and liabilities under any legal theory (including, without limitation, breach of contract, tort, and indemnification) in connection with your use of or reliance on the blueprints. Any liabilities that arise in connection with your use of these blueprints shall solely be borne by you. By accessing and downloading these blueprints, you agree to the foregoing terms.Problem Commercial vehicle fleet managers are required by law to track various driver and vehicle behaviors. Beyond the data logging mandated by law, there are other behaviors that employers might want to track. If they had a low-cost, reliable, and technical monitoring solution, they could remove or minimize the risks associated with their fleet management.

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