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flasgger - Easy Swagger UI for your Flask API

  •    Python

Flasgger is a Flask extension to extract OpenAPI=Specification from all Flask views registered in your API. Flasgger also comes with SwaggerUI embedded so you can access http://localhost:5000/apidocs and visualize and interact with your API resources.

pystro - pystro is a simple and easy to use and to extend restaurant api and webapp written in Flask

  •    Python

pystro is a simple and easy to use and to extend api for restaurant managements apps. pystro is written in Flask, tries to follow principles SOLID, KISS and DRY and Flask specific best practices, taking, for example, miguelgrinberg as one of the main references. We also follow pep8 style guide.

maniwani - Imageboard software for the 21st century

  •    Python

Maniwani is a work-in-progress imageboard implementation using Flask. Where does the name come from? I could tell you, but by that point you'd have been torn to pieces.