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Fix8 - FIX (Financial Information eXchange Protocol) Framework

  •    C++

A fresh approach to FIX (Financial Information eXchange Protocol). Statically compile your FIX xml schema and quickly build your FIX application on top. With low latency performance in mind, this framework is designed to streamline the development of custom FIX interfaces. Using one of the standard FIX schemas you can have a FIX client or server up and running very quickly.

FIX Sample code using QuickFIX to connect to TT FIX Adapter


Sample FIX client provides a starting place for developers to connect to the TT FIX Adapter. It's developed in C# using QuickFIX as the FIX engine.

SharePoint List Instance Fix Tool


Windows desktop tool for fixing the 'Feature {Guid} for list template is not installed in this farm. The operation could not be completed'. The iTechnology SharePoint list instance fix tool finds all the lists that have their list template missing and allows you to fix them.

fixubuntu - fixubuntu.com

  •    ApacheConf

This is the code that powers https://fixubuntu.com/. Copyright 2013-2015 Micah Lee, and licensed under AGPLv3. See LICENSE for more info.

ios-safe-audio-context - create a WebAudio context that works in iOS and everywhere else

  •    Javascript

Creates a AudioContext that works as expected in desktop and mobile, particularly across iOS devices.There is a bug in iOS where the AudioContext sampleRate is sometimes not what you would expect, and as a result, all WebAudio plays with heavy distortion. This occurs when you play an audio/video element with a different sample rate, or when you first boot up Safari (tested on iOS9.2, iPhone5S, no headphones).

fix-decoder - Unravels FIX messages into human readable tables

  •    Javascript

A convenient and powerful decoder for FIX messages.All processing is done locally in your browser, so no one can snoop on your messages.

ensure-error - Ensures a value is a valid error by making it one if not

  •    Javascript

Pass it any value and you're are guaranteed to get back an Error with name, message, and stack properties.Can be useful when you don't control all the places an error can be thrown or rejected. A user could for example throw a string or an error without a stack property.

fix-path - Fix the $PATH on macOS when run from a GUI app

  •    Javascript

Useful for Electron/NW.js apps as GUI apps on macOS doesn't inherit the $PATH defined in your dotfiles (.bashrc/.bash_profile/.zshrc/etc).

android-cache-fix-gradle-plugin - Gradle plugin to fix Android caching problems

  •    Groovy

Some Android plugin versions have issues with Gradle's build cache feature. When applied to an Android project this plugin applies workarounds for these issues based on the Android plugin and Gradle versions. Note: With Android 3.1.x and 3.2.x the cache-fix plugin is only required if you are using Android's data binding feature.

subsync - Fix the syncronization of your srt subtitles.

  •    Javascript

subsync is a command line tool to syncronize srt subtitles. You can use it to fix subtitles with both constant and variable time shift.

jquery-scrollfix - jQuery plugin for making an element fixed when it goes out of view

  •    Javascript

jQuery plugin for making an element fixed when it goes out of view. Tested in Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera and MSIE 7+.

grunt-fixmyjs - Automatically fix js-hint errors.

  •    Javascript

Automatically fix silly lint errors. Please go to fixmyjs to create issues or ask questions related to that project. This is just a grunt plugin for running fixmyjs.

normalize-path - Normalize file path slashes to be unix-like forward slashes.

  •    Javascript

Normalize slashes in a file path to be posix/unix-like forward slashes. Also condenses repeat slashes to a single slash and removes and trailing slashes, unless disabled. Please consider following this project's author, Jon Schlinkert, and consider starring the project to show your ❤️ and support.

normalize-pkg - Normalize values in package

  •    Javascript

Normalize values in package.json using the map-schema library. See the schema, normalizers, and unit tests for more examples.

unixify - Convert a windows file path to a unix-style file path.

  •    Javascript

Convert Windows file paths to unix paths. Pull requests and stars are always welcome. For bugs and feature requests, please create an issue.

update-copyright - Update a copyright statement with the current year. Also makes minor corrections.

  •    Javascript

Update a copyright statement with the current year. Also makes minor corrections. Pass a string with a copyright statement to update, and it will be parsed and updated.

mouse-change - Mouse state change listener

  •    Javascript

Listens for any mouse state changes. Listens for any mouse state changes on the given element.

mouse-event - Cross browser mouse event property access

  •    Javascript

Provides a normalized, cross-browser, garbage-collection-free API for reading out the state of a mouse event. Because it is 2015 and somehow every major browser still disagrees on even the most basic details of MouseEvents. Seriously guys.

mouse-wheel - Speed controlled mouse scrolling

  •    Javascript

Consistent cross browser mouse wheel events. Test it out in your browser here. Hook an event handler for the mouse wheel on element.