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fine-uploader - Multiple file upload plugin with image previews, drag and drop, progress bars

  •    Javascript

FineUploader is also simple to use. In the simplest case, you only need to include one JavaScript file. There are absolutely no other required external dependencies. For more information, please see the documentation. If you'd like to help and keep this project strong and relevant, you have several options.

OneupUploaderBundle - This Symfony bundle provides a server implementation for handling single and multiple file uploads using either FineUploader, jQuery File Uploader, YUI3 Uploader, Uploadify, FancyUpload, MooUpload, Plupload or Dropzone

  •    PHP

The OneupUploaderBundle for Symfony adds support for handling file uploads using one of the following JavaScript libraries, or your own implementation. Issues and feature requests are tracked in the Github issue tracker.

react-fine-uploader - Easily integrate Fine Uploader or Fine Uploader S3 into a React app

  •    Javascript

Makes using Fine Uploader in a React app simple. Drop-in high-level components for a turn-key UI. Use small focused components to build a more custom UI. These allow you to easily build a highly customizable and powerful UI for your upload widget, backed by Fine Uploader's core feature set. Most of these components are unstyled (i.e. ready to be styled by you). Focused component-specific stylesheets may be provided at a later date.

django-fine-uploader - Simple, Chunked and Concurrent uploads with Django + Fine Uploader

  •    Python

This is an alpha version. We have a example project. Just git clone the django-fine-uploader repository and follow the instructions.

bower-dist - A bower build for FineUploader/fine-uploader

  •    Shell

You normally should not have to do this, but you can also build this distribution yourself by following the steps in this section.

node-fine-uploader-server - An express server that handles Fine Uploader requests.

  •    Javascript

NOTE: This repository is no longer maintained. For more up-to-date Node.js server code that handles Fine Uploader requests, take a look at the server-examples repository. An express server for handling Fine Uploader upload requests.

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