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finch - Scala combinator library for building Finagle HTTP services

  •    Scala

Finch is a thin layer of purely functional basic blocks atop of Finagle for building composable HTTP APIs. Its mission is to provide the developers simple and robust HTTP primitives being as close as possible to the bare metal Finagle API. Every Finch module is published at Maven Central. Use the following sbt snippet ...

finch-sangria - A simple wrapper for using Sangria from within Finch.

  •    Scala

Some simple wrappers around Sangria to support its use in Finch. Set the max depth to whatever suits your schema (you'll likely need >= 10 for the introspection query).

finch-template - A template project for Finch-based services.

  •    Scala

Redbubble also makes available a GraphQL version of this template (which is more complete and contains a Docker image). With more are in the cookbook.

rb-graphql-template - A template for Scala HTTP GraphQL services.

  •    Scala

This is a service template for a GraphQL-based API. It is a small stateless HTTP API that aggregates, proxies and transforms downstream APIs. In particular, this template exposes a subset of the Star Wars API. Redbubble also makes available a purely HTTP version of this template (on which this is based).

finch-server - Some base classes and configuration used for making a server using finch

  •    Scala

Finch Server is a library that merges together the great libraries finch, and twitter-server. Twitter has done a great job of providing great features in twitter-server, but there are some subtleties in utilizing these features, this project aims to make it as easy as possible to use finch and twitter-server together.

finagle-oauth2 - OAuth2 Server-Side Provider for Finagle

  •    Scala

Finagle OAuth2 is build on top of finagle-http and tt compiles with both Scala 2.11 and 2.10. OAuth2 trait provides two asynchronous methods: issueAccessToken and authorize.

finch - Source code for https://usefinch.co

  •    Go

This is the source code repository for the Finch (https://usefinch.co) project. Finch is a simple service that handles scheduled tasks for your apps, services. You can use the developer friendly API to create your tasks to be completed in a future date, periodically repeated. In plain English, you can create tasks like "Send a request to this URL with this JSON body every morning". That could save you a ton of work when just developing a to-do app.

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