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gift - Go Image Filtering Toolkit

  •    Go

Package gift provides a set of useful image processing filters.Pure Go. No external dependencies outside of the Go standard library.


  •    Javascript

The perfect library for adding search, sort, filters and flexibility to tables, lists and various HTML elements. Built to be invisible and work on existing HTML.

instagram.css - Complete set of Instagram filters in pure CSS

  •    CSS

Instagram.css - Pure CSS Instagram filters. You can add all these Instagram-like filters to your photos with using CSS only. Thanks to the CSSgram for inspiration. Download the compiled and minified Instagram.css files. Include instagram.css located in /dist in your website or Web app <head> part.

ngx-pipes - ⚡️ Useful pipes for Angular with no external dependencies!

  •    TypeScript

TypeSerializer - Another library you might find interesting. Serializer / Deserializer, designed to make prettier code while using decorators (Can be used both with Angular or Node.js).

CSSgram - CSS library for Instagram filters

  •    HTML

CSSGram is an Instagram filter library written in Sass and CSS. We're using pseudo-elements (i.e. ::before and ::after) to create the filter effects, so you must apply these filters on a containing element (i.e. not a replaced element like <img>). The recommendation is to wrap your images in a <figure> tag. More about the tag here.

Scrimage - Scala image processing library

  •    Scala

Scrimage is a consistent, idiomatic, and immutable scala library for manipulating and processing of images. The aim of the this library is to provide a quick and easy way to do the kinds of image operations that are most common, such as scaling, rotating, converting between formats and applying filters. It is not intended to provide functionality that might be required by a more "serious" image processing application - such as face recognition or movement tracking.

bounty - Javascript and SVG odometer effect library with motion blur

  •    Javascript

JavaScript odometer or slot machine effect library for smoothly transitioning numbers with motion blur. Library uses functional approach and ES7 Function Bind Syntax. Internally based on SVG. See the live version.

vue2-filters - A collection of standard filters Vue 1.* adapted for use in Vue 2.*

  •    Javascript

The list of standard filters Vue.js 1.* adapted for use in Vue.js 2.*

Seccubus - Easy automated vulnerability scanning, reporting and analysis

  •    Javascript

Seccubus automates regular vulnerability scans with various tools and aids security people in the fast analysis of its output, both on the first scan and on repeated scans. On repeated scan delta reporting ensures that findings only need to be judged when they first appear in the scan results or when their output changes.

wirefilter - An execution engine for Wireshark-like filters

  •    Rust

This is an execution engine for Wireshark®-like filters. It contains public APIs for parsing filter syntax, compiling them into an executable IR and, finally, executing filters against provided values.

mongohooks - A thin before/after filter extension for the mongojs node-module.

  •    Javascript

A thin listener and before/after filter extension for the mongojs node-module.This module will add 3 kinds of hooks to mongojs, each allowing you to add Before filters, After filters, and Listeners to any MongoDB collection.

ObscuraCam - Photo and Video Filtering App for Privacy

  •    Java

This project is to build a secure camera app for android. It is a project of Guardian Project, Witness, and more.

lightbroom - because photos should be swept fast

  •    Javascript

An Instagram-like desktop app developed with Electron and Web technologies for a simple photo retouching workflow. This iteration uses CSSgram (that uses GPU accelerated CSS filters and blend modes) for Instagram like effects.

node-pipes-and-filters - Pipes and Filters for Node

  •    Javascript

Use the Pipes and Filters architectural style to divide a larger processing task into a sequence of smaller, independent processing steps (Filters) that are connected by channels (Pipes). Each filter exposes a very simple interface: it receives messages on the inbound pipe, processes the message, and publishes the results to the outbound pipe.

color-matrix - Apply filters to colors to simulate things like color blindness and night vision.

  •    Javascript

Apply filters to colors to simulate things like color blindness and night vision. This library tries to simulate the behavior of the svg filter effect feColorMatrix. It comes in 2 formats: a node.js library and a command line tool.

liquid-to-handlebars - Convert liquid templates to handlebars templates!

  •    HTML

Convert liquid templates to handlebars templates. Please consider following this project's author, Jon Schlinkert, and consider starring the project to show your ❤️ and support.

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