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quicksand - jQuery plugin. Reorder and filter items with a nice shuffling animation.

  •    Javascript

jQuery plugin for reordering and filtering items with a nice shuffling animation like the one in this video. Project site: https://razorjack.net/quicksand.

jQuery Bootgrid - Nice, sleek and intuitive. A grid control especially designed for bootstrap

  •    Javascript

Nice, sleek and intuitive. A grid control especially designed for bootstrap.jQuery Bootgrid is a UI component written for jQuery and Bootstrap (Bootstrap isn't necessarily required). It supports Responsive web design, Server-side data loading (async), Dynamic Manipulation via API, Column converters & formatters, Client-side data loading (in-memory), Single & multiple row selection support.

librec - LibRec: A Leading Java Library for Recommender Systems, see

  •    Java

LibRec (http://www.librec.net) is a Java library for recommender systems (Java version 1.7 or higher required). It implements a suit of state-of-the-art recommendation algorithms, aiming to resolve two classic recommendation tasks: rating prediction and item ranking. A movie recommender system is designed and available here.

revogrid - Powerful virtual data grid smartsheet with advanced customization

  •    TypeScript

Support Millions of cells and thousands of columns easy and efficiently for fast data rendering. Easy to use. The RevoGrid component helps represent a huge amount of data in a form of data table "excel like" or as list. On top of it it provides inbuilt range edit or per cell edit, keyboard support and custom edit and render features. Works in any major framework or with no framework at all.

recommendationRaccoon - A collaborative filtering based recommendation engine and NPM module built on top of Node

  •    Javascript

An easy-to-use collaborative filtering based recommendation engine and NPM module built on top of Node.js and Redis. The engine uses the Jaccard coefficient to determine the similarity between users and k-nearest-neighbors to create recommendations. This module is useful for anyone with users, a store of products/movies/items, and the desire to give their users the ability to like/dislike and receive recommendations based on similar users. Raccoon takes care of all the recommendation and rating logic. It can be paired with any database as it does not keep track of any user/item information besides a unique ID. Updated for ES6.

fastp - An ultra-fast all-in-one FASTQ preprocessor (QC/adapters/trimming/filtering/splitting...)

  •    C++

A tool designed to provide fast all-in-one preprocessing for FastQ files. This tool is developed in C++ with multithreading supported to afford high performance. By default, the HTML report is saved to fastp.html (can be specified with -h option), and the JSON report is saved to fastp.json (can be specified with -j option).

MVC Demo Project - 3

  •    ASPNET

Example application used to implement a list with sorting, paging and filtering in asp.net MVC4.

ger - Good Enough Recommendation (GER) Engine

  •    CoffeeScript

Providing good recommendations can get greater user engagement and provide an opportunity to add value that would otherwise not exist. The main reason why many applications don't provide recommendations is the difficulty in either implementing a custom engine or using an existing engine. Good Enough Recommendations (GER) is a recommendation engine that is scalable, easily usable and easy to integrate. GER's goal is to generate good enough recommendations for your application or product, so that you can provide value quickly and painlessly.

ngCrossfilter - Usual Angular

  •    Javascript

Usual Angular.js style filtering and sorting with a twist of Crossfilter for improved performance.

ReactCrossfilter - Crossfilter

  •    Javascript

Crossfilter.js implemented as a mixin for ultra-fast filtering and sorting techniques baked into React.js components.

good-squeeze - Simple transform stream for event filtering with good.

  •    Javascript

Simple transform streams useful in creating good data pipelines.good-squeeze is a collection of small transform streams. The Squeeze stream is useful for filtering events based on the good event options. The SafeJson stream is useful for stringifying objects to prevent circular object errors.

simpleJSONFilter - Extremely simple JSON filtering system

  •    Javascript

Extremely simple, yet configurable, JSON filtering system. This module provides an object aimed at filtering arrays (or hashes) of hashes.

restricted-input - Restrict <input>s to certain valid characters (e

  •    Javascript

Allow restricted character sets in input elements. Try the latest version of Restricted Input here.

predicates - Predicates for type checking, assertions, filtering etc

  •    TypeScript

Set of various predicates for type checking, simple assertions, filtering etc. Most of type checking, utility libraries force you use predicates with only one argument but predicates doesn.t Additionally predicates preserves the context of function call which allows you to create even more powerful logic.


  •    Javascript

engine.io-conflation is an engine.io (>= 0.2.0) plugin that makes conflation, aggregation, alteration and filtering of messages straightforward, especially when it has to based on the client's performance consuming messages from the server. This is useful to reduce the size of the payload for slow consumers that cannot keep up with the frequency of messages, because of a low bandwidth connection, or low processing power. But it is generic enough to allow for not only conflation, i.e. deletion of messages, but also additions and modifications, for whatever purpose that might be useful.

sortboard - A small ES6 library for easy sorting and filtering of elements.

  •    Javascript

An ES6 small library for easy sorting and filtering of elements. Sortboard is small library for sorting and filtering HTML elements which uses CSS3 matrix() and scale() transform functions. It supports RegEx string filters and it's responsive by default.


  •    PHP

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