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moxie - Pollyfills for XHR2 and File API

  •    Javascript

mOxie is combined name for XHR2 and File API pollyfills that we've extracted from Plupload in order to make it more flexible and give it opportunity for further growth. But now that pollyfills are separate, they can be used independently. XHR2 and File API pollyfills are multi-runtime, which means that they will fallback to Flash and SilverLight (additionally there's Java runtime in production) or even "good old" HTML4, when there are no HTML5 capabilities found in current browser.


  •    JQuery

Papa Parse is a powerful CSV (delimited text) parser that gracefully handles large files and malformed input

render-media - Intelligently render media files in the browser

  •    Javascript

Show the file in a the browser by appending it to the DOM. This is a powerful package that handles many file types like video (.mp4, .webm, .m4v, etc.), audio (.m4a, .mp3, .wav, etc.), images (.jpg, .gif, .png, etc.), and other file formats (.pdf, .md, .txt, etc.).The file will be streamed into the page (if it's video or audio). Seeking the media element will request a different byte range from the incoming file-like object.

blob-to-buffer - Convert a Blob to a Buffer.

  •    Javascript

Say you're using the 'buffer' module on npm, or browserify and you're working with lots of binary data.MIT. Copyright (c) Feross Aboukhadijeh.

upload-element - read files from html `<input type="file">` elements

  •    Javascript

Read elem, an <input type="file"> or <input type="file" multiple> element.When the user uploads a file and all the files have been read, cb(err, results) fires with an error or the list of files.

react-file-reader-input - React file input component for complete control over styling and abstraction from file reading

  •    Javascript

React file input component for complete control over styling and abstraction from file reading. All other props on FileReaderInput will be passed down to the native file input.

aurelia-files - A simple attribute plugin for Aurelia to simplify loading files with the HTML5 FileReader

  •    Javascript

A simple aurelia attribute to allow you to load files into the browser, using the HTML5 FileReader functionality, also supports drag and drop. As shown above you can hook into any of the file loading events and get access to the data to display things like progress bars, and custom file filters, which although the accepts attribute should enforce this for you but does not currently work in all browsers. So in this case you can constrain loaded files and just ignore ones that dont match the pattern. Finally it is loading the data as a binary string in the above example, however this can be converted to use other supported types.

ngFileReader - This is file reader component on angular.

  •    Javascript

This is file reader component on angular. You need load jQuery and FileReader if browser is not support FileReader.

angular-PapaParse - An Angular factory wrapper for PapaParse

  •    Javascript

Papa doesn't have to be accessed by the window object. Use dependency injection instead. Great for unit test and do everything in the Angular manner. Add ngPapaParse as a module dependency to your app after including the angular-PapaParse.js script and inject Papa anywhere you need.

dropperx - 📁✊ File drop target for React DND

  •    Javascript

Wrap any function-as-child component to turn it into a React Drag-n-Drop target that reads the contents of files. A prescribed method for reading files in the browser.

react-simple-file-input - Simple wrapper for the HTML input tag and HTML5 FileReader API

  •    Javascript

By default the readAs option is undefined. If left undefined, the file will not be read from disk and only the onChange event will be triggered. Each event handler receives the native event as the first argument and the selected File object as the second.

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