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okdownload - A Reliable, Flexible, Fast and Powerful download engine.

  •    Java

A Reliable, Flexible, Fast and Powerful download engine. P.S. If you ask me, which version is the most stability, I will tell you it's not the version of 1.0.0 or 2.0.0, the most stability version must be the latest version because it is developed with github-flow, not production-flow. So please follow the latest release version and show me your PR. Here is the changelog for each version, it may help you.

Librarybox - Portable Private Digital Distribution

  •    Python

LibraryBox is a combination of a router (a variety of hardware will work), USB drive, and software that, when combined, give you a small, low powered webserver. The webserver acts like a captive portal, and delivers files that are stored on the USB drive.

enhanced-github - :rocket: Chrome extension to display size of each file, download link and copy file contents directly to clipboard

  •    Javascript

Note: For private repos(Issue #6), Github Access Token is required. Follow the steps mentioned below to add your Github Access Token. Since this extension fetches data using Github public v3 API for showing file size and download_url, it consumes free quota which is very less Github API Rate Limiting.

go-file - A file server library using go-micro

  •    Go

Go File is a file server library leveraging go-micro. It enables you to serve and consume files via RPC. This is a stripped down version of gotransfer.

dakait - A tool to download files from your FTP/SFTP servers in an organized way.

  •    Clojure

Download files from remote servers and effortlessly manage them. You have large amounts of large files on a remote server (e.g. a seedbox) and you want to download and stage them nicely. Dakait lets you do that.

gofret - gofret is a Download Manager written in Go.

  •    Go

Gofret is a Download Manager written in Go. Gofret, wget like a download manager. But simple and amateur.

zinc - Block level data synchronization library

  •    C++

WARNING: DO NOT USE IT WITH IMPORTANT AND/OR NOT BACKED UP DATA. This code is of beta quality. I am fairly certain it will not corrupt your data. Code was fuzz-tested for weeks without failures and is in use in a live environment with rather small (few hundred) users without issues. However, you never know. rsync has become a synonym to efficient data synchronization. There are few issues however: server does heavy lifting and GPL license.

JCDownloader - A useful iOS downloader framework based on AFNetworking.

  •    Objective-C

A useful iOS downloader framework based on AFNetworking. This framework supports the development of iOS 7.0+ in ARC.