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flipper - :dolphin: feature flipping for ruby (performant and simple)

  •    Ruby

Feature flipping is the act of enabling or disabling features or parts of your application, ideally without re-deploying or changing anything in your code base. The goal of this gem is to make turning features on or off so easy that everyone does it. Whatever your data store, throughput, or experience, feature flipping should be easy and have minimal impact on your application.

unleash - Unleash is an enterprise ready feature toggles service

  •    Javascript

Unleash is a feature toggle system, that gives you a great overview over all feature toggles across all your applications and services. It comes with official client implementations for Java, Node.js, Go, Ruby and Python. This repo contains the unleash-server, which contains the admin UI and a place to ask for the status of features. In order to make use of unleash you will also need a client implementation.

flippant - :traffic_light: Feature flipping for the Elixir world

  •    Elixir

Features are comprised of groups, and rules. Your application defines named groups, and you set rules to specify which groups are enabled for a particular feature. When it comes time to check if a feature is enabled for a particular actor (i.e. user or account), all the groups for a feature are evaluated. If the actor belongs to any of the groups then the feature is enabled. All interaction happens directly through the Flippant module.

ngx-feature-toggle - Your module to handle with feature toggles in Angular applications easier.

  •    TypeScript

Your module to handle with feature toggles in Angular applications easier. You can integrate with WebSockets or handling this in a EventSourcing architecture. It's totally transparent for you and you can integrate easier in your application.

ember-feature-flags - Ember CLI addon for feature flags

  •    Javascript

An ember-cli addon to provide feature flags. Referencing the features service must be done using get as it is a proxy.

FeatureSwitch - FeatureSwitch is library that should reduce amount of time and code required to implement feature switching in your projects

  •    CSharp

FeatureSwitch library should reduce amount of time and code needed to implement feature toggle in unified way. FeatureSwitch library is easily adoptable and extendable. Keep in mind that you will need to add at least one strategy for the feature in order to enable it. By default every feature is disabled.

laravel-feature - A simple package to manage feature flagging in a Laravel project.

  •    PHP

Laravel-Feature is a package fully dedicated to feature toggling in your application, in the easiest way. For Laravel, of course. It was inspired by the AdEspresso Feature Flag Bundle.

rollout - Feature rollout

  •    Javascript

Inspired by the Ruby library Rollout. Rollout is a Redis-backed feature rollout. This allows you to, dynamically, control each feature within your Node application. Because it's backed by Redis, it still allows you to scale as you please.

unleash-client-node - Unleash client for Node.js

  •    Javascript

You should as early as possible in your node (web) app initialize the unleash-client. The unleash-client will set-up a in-memory repository, and poll updates from the unleash-server at regular intervals. After you have initialized the unleash-client you can easily check if a feature toggle is enabled or not.

unleash-client-ruby - Unleash client for Ruby

  •    Ruby

Unleash client so you can roll out your features with confidence. Leverage the Unleash Server for powerful feature toggling in your ruby/rails applications.

unleash-frontend - Unleash Admin UI

  •    Javascript

You need to first start the unleash-api on port 4242 before you can start working on unleash-frontend.

test_track - An open-source split-testing and feature-toggling system written in Ruby on Rails

  •    Ruby

TestTrack is an open-source split-testing and feature-toggling system written in Ruby on Rails. At this point, you've got a working installation and can proceed to setting up the Rails client in order to create your first split.

muton - A feature toggle tool with support for feature throttling and multivariance testing.

  •    Javascript

This is the Muton project - a feature toggle tool with support for feature throttling and multivariate testing. You can engineer the genes of your application by meticulously choose what are the best features and create an organic result. With artificial manipulation, or even by random mutations, you will natural select the best version of your application.

ld-redux - A library to integrate launch darkly with react redux

  •    Javascript

ld-redux v3.1.* is NOT backwards compatible! The init method now accepts dispatch instead of store. Follow the quickstart example below to see this. The init method accepts an object with the above properties. clientSideId, dispatch are mandatory.

ld-scheduler - Schedule Launch Darkly flags on or off

  •    Javascript

Once you have created your feature flags in launch darkly, and then developed and tested your feature, you are now ready to deploy your code to production. You will then also need to turn on your feature flags in production. You can do this at deploy time, either manually through the dashboard or programmatically through the launch darkly rest apis. However, what if your feature needs to be deployed at a later time? You need to decouple the deployment of your app from the deployment of your features. Enter ld-scheduler. You can now create flags in launch darkly and then set a date and time you want the kill switch to be turned on or off. This decouples your app deployment from feature deployment. No one should stay up past midnight just to turn on/off the kill switch.

generator-jhipster-ff4j - Jhipster module for Feature Toggle in your JHipster Apps with FF4j (Feature Flipping for Java)

  •    Javascript

A Jhipster module to integrate FeatureToggle capability in your application using FF4j (Feature Flipping for Java)

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