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Perfect-FastCGI - FastCGI server for Perfect.

Perfect server can run with either its built-in HTTP 1.1 system or with this FastCGI based server.This server can run with any FastCGI enabled webserver over either UNIX socket files or TCP.

devproxy - A swiss army knife of forward HTTP proxies

devproxy is intended to be an easily configurable forward HTTP proxy for web application development. This can be done since the name resolution is done in devproxy, which is configured to map any request for http://example.com to

fastcgi - Simple, robust node.js web server that runs FastCGI applications

fastcgi is an extremely simple web server that serves a FastCGI application. Voila! Instant web application. Basically, fastcgi exports a FastCGI/unix service to be an HTTP/inet service.

fastcgipp - A C++ FastCGI and Web development platform:

May 28, 2016 - Some good examples are now done and in the documentation. I've got said documentation hosted online now so check it out. May 18, 2016 - The re-write is now effectively complete. What I mean by this is that the library now builds and passes some basic benchmarking tests. I'm really hoping to get as much feedback as possible so please test away. The docs are not web hosted anywhere yet so you'll have to build them yourself as described below. Note that the only example/tutorial that works so far is the helloworld one.