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ex_machina - Create test data for Elixir applications

  •    Elixir

ExMachina is part of the thoughtbot Elixir family of projects. ExMachina makes it easy to create test data and associations. It works great with Ecto, but is configurable to work with any persistence library.

factory_bot - A library for setting up Ruby objects as test data.

  •    Ruby

factory_bot is a fixtures replacement with a straightforward definition syntax, support for multiple build strategies (saved instances, unsaved instances, attribute hashes, and stubbed objects), and support for multiple factories for the same class (user, admin_user, and so on), including factory inheritance. If you want to use factory_bot with Rails, see factory_bot_rails.

AtomicDesign-Factories - AtomicDesign-Factories

  •    Javascript

Porém como estamos trabalhando com o Atomic Design vamos iniciar pelos átomos. Nessa minha arquitetura eu criei uma analogia dos átomos com os campos de um Schema, pois eles devem ser independentes para que possamos reusa-los.

maquila - Factory definition lib for building JavaScript Objects or creating records, eases setting up test data

  •    Javascript

factory_girl inspired library for building JavaScript objects or creating records, useful for setting up test data. It will return a Post instance with this attributes.

di - 💎 Flexible, compiled and full-featured Dependency Injection Container with perfectly usable autowiring and support for all new PHP 7

  •    PHP

Purpose of the Dependecy Injection (DI) is to free classes from the responsibility for obtaining objects that they need for its operation (these objects are called services). To pass them these services on their instantiation instead. Nette DI is one of the most interesting part of framework. It is compiled DI container, extremely fast and easy to configure.

tsdi - Dependency Injection container (IoC) for TypeScript

  •    TypeScript

Dependency Injection container (IoC) for TypeScript. Otherwise TSDI will not be able to infer the types of some factories and components.

ng-decorators - ES6 decorators for easy creating services, providers, controllers and directives

  •    Javascript

The business logic for transforming the ES6 classes to support angular 1.x syntaks is from Michael Bromley project angular-es6. You need to run babel with the option 'es7.decorators' enabled.

laravel-relationships-data - Migrations, seeders and factories to get up and running with various relationship types data quickly

  •    PHP

This repo contains the migrations, seeders and factories to get up and running with various relationships types data quickly. Laravel provides support for many types relationships out-of-the-box. And when there is a need to play with any one of them to test something, I hate repeating the same stuff of creating migration and seeding the data before I can write code to actually test something. And here is the ER Diagram image generated with this lovely package by Marcel Pociot.

factory - A package for setting up Golang structs as test data.

  •    Go

Factory is a fixtures replacement. With its readable APIs, you can define factories and use factories to create saved and unsaved by build multiple strategies. Factory's APIs are inspired by factory_bot in Ruby.