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fbchat - Facebook Chat (Messenger) for Python

  •    Python

Facebook Chat (Messenger) for Python. This project was inspired by facebook-chat-api. No XMPP or API key is needed. Just use your email and password.

Facebook-Messenger-Bot - Facebook chatbot that I trained to talk like me using Seq2Seq

  •    Python

The FB Messenger chatbot that I trained to talk like me. The associated blog post. For this project, I wanted to train a Sequence To Sequence model on my past conversation logs from various social media sites. You can read more about the motivation behind this approach, the details of the ML model, and the purpose of each Python script in the blog post, but I want to use this README to explain how you can train your own chatbot to talk like you.

stealth - An open source Ruby framework for conversational voice and text chatbots. 🤖

  •    Ruby

Stealth is a Ruby based framework for creating conversational (voice & chat) bots. It's design is inspired by Ruby on Rails's philosophy of convention over configuration. It has an MVC architecture with the slight caveat that views are aptly named replies. Stealth is extensible. All service integrations are split out into separate Ruby Gems. Things like analytics and natural language processing (NLP) can be added in as gems as well.

serverless-local-dev-server - A simple Serverless 1

  •    Javascript

This plugin exposes Alexa-Skill and HTTP events as local HTTP endpoints, removing the need to deploy every code change to AWS Lambda. You can connect these endpoints to Alexa, Facebook Messenger or other services via forwardhq, ngrok or any other forwarding service. In the Configuration pane, select HTTPS as service endpoint type and specify the forwarded endpoint URL.

serverless-facebook-messenger-bot - Serverless backend for Facebook Messenger Bot

  •    Javascript

Send message, photo, location, anything Messenger supports. You need to have installed the Serverless Framework (version 0.5.2 or higher) and you're using Node.js v4.0+.

facebook-action - GitHub Action that sends a Facebook message.

  •    HCL

GitHub Action for sending a Facebook notification message. Send custom message and see the custom variable as blow.

pnrbot - Facebook chatbot to check the PNR status of an Indian Railway ticket

  •    Javascript

This tutorial is a guide to run a PNR bot on facebook messenger, which when given a valid PNR number replies back with the current status of the ticket, along with train details and charting status. You can read the documentation the Messenger team prepared. For the chat bot to function we'll need a server that will receive the messages sent by the Facebook users, process this message and respond back to the user. To send messages back to the server we will use the graph API provided by Facebook. For the Facebook servers to talk to our server, the endpoint URL of our server should be accessible to the Facebook server and should use a secure HTTPS URL. For this reason, running our server locally will not work and instead we need to host our server online. In this tutorial, we are going to deploy our server on Hasura which automatically provides SSL-enabled domains.