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builderbook - Open source web application to learn JS stack: React, Material-UI, Next

  •    Javascript

Open source web app to self-publish and sell books or other online content. If you want to learn how to build this project from scratch, check out our book: https://builderbook.org.

builderbook - Open-source web app. Built with React, Material-UI, Next, Express, Mongoose, MongoDB.

  •    Javascript

Builder Book is an open source web app to publish documentation or books. The app is built with React/Material-UI/Next/Express/Mongoose/MongoDB and includes these third party APIs: Google, Github, AWS SES, Mailchimp, Stripe. We've used this builderbook project to build saas, async, and other real-world web apps.

express-session-passport-cleanup - Clean up after passport when using it with express-session

  •    Javascript

There is this silly issue where passport modifies the session causing express-session to create a bunch of extra sessions. This module fixes that by using a method similar to that recommended by @Joris-van-der-Wel here. This module instead overrides the end method on res, becuase either things have changed in express-session or that solution never worked correctly.

express-socket.io-session - Share a cookie-based express-session middleware with socket.io

  •    Javascript

Share a cookie-based express-session middleware with socket.io. Works with express > 4.0.0 and socket.io > 1.0.0 and won't be backward compatible. Help me notice errors or ask me for improvements creating an issue.

node-connect-pg-simple - A simple, minimal PostgreSQL session store for Connect/Express

  •    Javascript

Or simply play the file via a GUI, like the pgAdminIII queries tool. Examples are based on Express 4.

nedb-session-store - A session store implementation for Connect & Express backed by an NeDB datastore (either in-memory or file-persisted)

  •    Javascript

A session store implementation for Express & Connect backed by an NeDB datastore (either in-memory or file-persisted). Optional. [Date] The default expiry period (max age) in milliseconds to use if and ONLY if the session's expiration is not controlled by the session Cookie configuration. Defaults to 2 weeks.

connect-loki - A Loki.js session store for Connect/Express

  •    Javascript

Pass the express-session store into connect-loki to create a LokiStore constructor. Setting the path to the database file is optional but recommended.

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