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mr2 - Expose local server to external network

  •    Go

Mr.2 can help you expose local server to external network. Support both TCP/UDP, of course support HTTP. Keep it simple, stupid. See releases for other platforms. Or go get github.com/txthinking/mr2/cli/mr2.

sharify - Easily share data between Browserify modules meant to run on the server and client.

  •    Javascript

Easily share data between modules meant to run on the server and client using browserify.

express-map - Assembles an Express app's route configuration for sharing with the client side via JavaScript

  •    Javascript

While building a website, it's common to reference URL paths in multiple places, whether it be inside a template, inside some redirection code, or even inside a client-side router.If you ever have to change a URL though, it can be difficult to go through all of your code, and manually change all of the URLs that you hard-coded into your templates, server-side code, and client-side code.

express-state - Share configuration and state data of an Express app with the client-side via JavaScript

  •    Javascript

Share configuration and state data of an Express app with the client-side via JavaScript.Express State is designed to make it easy to share configuration and state data from the server to the client. It can be used to share any data that needs to be available to the client-side JavaScript code of the an app: e.g., the current user, a CSRF token, model data, routes, etc.

pathmodify - In a nutshell, rewrite (AKA alias, map) `require()` IDs / paths / directories to different values in browserify

  •    Javascript

This is a browserify plugin that's meant to do the same kind of thing as aliasify and remapify, but in a more elegant, powerful way. This hasn't been tested extensively yet, so consider it experimental. But some of the other alternatives already in common use don't really even work, so.... Avoid having to use cumbersome relative paths (../../../../../../..) in your browserified application, and still be able to apply transforms programatically: browserify().transform(something).

Sculpt-Comfort-Mission-Control - Switch desktops on your Mac with any mouse

  •    Objective-C

It's an app that lets you switch between virtual desktops on your Mac. With a mouse! And not only with Sculpt Comfort, any mouse will do. But you really want a mouse with at least two additional buttons. 10.12+. Support for earlier versions is dropped.

choo-devtools - 💼 - Expose a choo instance on the window

  •    Javascript

Print out information about all commands. Log out the Choo state object.

Xposer - A Kubernetes controller to manage (create/update/delete) Kubernetes Ingresses based on the Service - [✩Star] if you are using it! https://www

  •    Go

Xposer can watch for all the services running in our cluster; Creates, Updates, Deletes Ingresses and uses certmanager to generate TLS certificates automatically based on some annotations.

atom-expose - Quick tab overview of open files in the Atom editor

  •    CoffeeScript

Quick tab overview of open files. Similar to Mac OSX Exposé / Mission Control, Firefox Tab Group, Safari and Chrome Tab Overview, etc. Toggle expose with cmd-shift-e on Mac OSX and alt-shift-e on Linux and Windows.


  •    Javascript

Mr2.js is javascript client with built-in free server of mr2 can help you expose local server to external network.