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AwesomeCache - Delightful on-disk cache (written in Swift)

  •    Swift

Delightful on-disk cache (written in Swift). Backed by NSCache for maximum performance and support for expiry of single objects. AwesomeCache >= 3.0 is designed to have a sync API, making it easy to reason about the actual contents of the cache. This decision has been made based on feedback from the community, to keep the API of AwesomeCache small and easy to use.

inventory - Use a barcode reader to scan the foods in your house and add them to a database

  •    Python

This set of Python scripts will allow you to interface a barcode reader such as zbarcam with a UPC database to keep track of foods as you buy them. for information.

ng2-idle - Responding to idle users in Angular 4+ applications.

  •    TypeScript

A module for responding to idle users in Angular 4+ applications. This is a rewrite of the ng-idle module; however if you are using Angular 1, you must use that module. See LICENSE for licensing details.

expiry-map - A Map implementation with expirable items

  •    TypeScript

Memory is automatically released when an item expires by removing it from the Map. Milliseconds until an item in the Map expires.

expiry-set - A Set implementation with expirable keys

  •    TypeScript

Memory is automatically released when an item expires by removing it from the Set. Milliseconds until a key in the Set expires.

payment-formatter - 💳 A flexible, lightweight (1

  •    Javascript

A flexible, lightweight (1.5kB), non-dependant library to format payment card input fields. Type: string (required) CSS selector of the targeted input field.

sslcheck - Simple PHP script to check SSL expiry

  •    PHP

A simple php script to check the expiry of SSL certificates. This script has been tested only on Ubuntu 16.04+ using PHP7.

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