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psychopy - For running psychology and neuroscience experiments

  •    Python

PsychoPy is an open-source package for creating psychology stimuli in Python (A real and free alternative to Matlab). PsychoPy combines the graphical strengths of OpenGL with the easy Python syntax to give psychophysics a free and simple stimulus presentation and control package. The goal is to provide, for the busy scientist (including me!), tools to control timing and windowing and a simple set of pre-packaged stimuli and methods. The code is platform independent, using Python and C libraries that are widely available.

bytebuf - Example of how CL133375 can be utilized to mitigate Go escape analysis limitations.

  •    Go

Example of how CL133375 cmd/compile/internal/gc: handle array slice self-assign in esc.go can be utilized to mitigate Go escape analysis limitations. It shows how to fix problem described in cmd/compile, bytes: bootstrap array causes bytes.Buffer to always be heap-allocated using brand new escape analysis pattern.


  •    DotNet

Welcome to the XEML project page. This project aims to realize a standard for the control and documentation of experimental design and growth, with a maximum of power in terms of data processing, not only to obtain reliable molecular and physiological data, but also to make plant

AIRO - Interoperable Experiment Automation Package


The main goal of this project is to provide engineers and scientists flexible and extendable framework for building test, measurement and control applications. This framework is compatible with IVI-COM drivers and extends IVI Instrument Classes with custom .NET (and COM) inter...

scientist - A Node.js library for carefully refactoring critical paths in production

  •    CoffeeScript

So you just refactored a swath of code and all tests pass. You feel completely confident that this can go to production. Right? In reality, not so much. Be it poor test coverage or just that the refactored code is very critical, sometimes you need more reassurance. But there's also a bug in our refactored code. Science logs that as appropriate, but still returns the old value that we know works.

react-native-google-analytics - Google Analytics for React Native! Compatible with react-native-ab

  •    Javascript

Below is an example that utilizes this library along with enhanced ecommerce functionality and react-native-ab for A/B testing. The enhanced ecommerce hits are not sent automatically, instead they are retained until a regular hit is sent. For more documentation please go here.

study - A simple, progressive, client/server AB testing library πŸ“š

  •    Javascript

A progressive, client/server AB testing library. Study is an AB testing library designed to be clear, minimal, and flexible. It works in both the server and browser with the use of driver-based persistence layers.

midiflip - 🎹 Transform MIDI files mathematically

  •    Javascript

Transform MIDI songs to create mathematical remixes. Inspired by Andrew Huang's #MidiFlip "challenge".MidiFlip can be used to simply flip notes around, inverting all the pitches, but it also gives you raw control over the notes in a simple way so you can make arbitrary remappings.

tensorflow-lstm-sin - TensorFlow 1.3 experiment with LSTM (and GRU) RNNs for sine prediction

  •    Python

Single- and multilayer LSTM networks with no additional output nonlinearity based on aymericdamien's TensorFlow examples and Sequence prediction using recurrent neural networks. Experiments with varying numbers of hidden units, LSTM cells and techniques like gradient clipping were conducted using static_rnn and dynamic_rnn. All networks have been optimized using Adam on the MSE loss function.

vae-style-transfer - An experiment in VAE-based artistic style transfer by embedding fiddling.

  •    Python

The project was created as part of the Creative Applications of Deep Learning with TensorFlow (CADL) Kadenze course's final assignment. It is an experimental attempt to transfer artistic style learned from a series of paintings "live" onto a video sequence by fitting a variational autoencoder with 512 codes to both paintings and video frames, isolating the mean feature-space embeddings and modifying the video's embeddings to be closer to those of the paintings. Because the general visual quality of the VAE's decoded output is relatively low, a convolutional post-processing network based on residual convolutions was trained with the purpose of making the resulting image less similar to the VAE's generated output and more similar to the original input images. The basic idea was to have an upsampling network here, but it quickly turned out to be a very naive idea at this point of development. Instead, it now downsizes the input, learns filters in a residual network and then samples back up to the input frame size; I would have liked to perform convolutions directly on the input, but memory limitations prevented the usage of a useful amount of feature maps.

nodegame - Complete nodegame repository with examples and documentation

  •    Javascript

nodeGame is a free, open source, real-time javascript framework for online, multiplayer games in the browser. nodeGame is a general framework to play any kind of game online, but it specially designed to conduct social experiments.

isomorphic-lab - Isomorphic React experimentation

  •    Javascript

This repo is being used to experiment with writing isomorphic JavaScript apps with React 0.13.X, React Router 1.0.0-betaX and express. It uses newforms for form display and validation on both ends - this could be done manually with any component which can populate its form fields and display error messages based on its props and state, though.

react-lessons - Tool for creating and taking interactive React tutorials

  •    Javascript

React Lessons is a tool for creating - and taking - interactive React tutorials, inspired by the Ractive.js Tutorial. A tutorial consists of a number of lessons. Each lesson can include one or more steps (numbered across the top-right of the page).

react-router-form - <Form> is to <form> as <Link> is to <a>

  •    Javascript

A <Form> component for use with React Router which does for <form> what react-router's <Link> does for <a>. A <Form> component renders a <form> element with the contents you provide, hooks into the form's onSubmit event to extract user input and transitions to the configured route with user input data in the next location's state.

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