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expenses - 💰Expense tracker using Google Sheets 📉 as a storage written in React

  •    Javascript

💰Expenses is a progressive web application on top of Google Sheets 📉 written in React ⚛️. It is only a static HTML that works great on mobile 📱 and can be deployed anywhere.Check out the demo but please be considerate and don't break it for others.

InvoiceNinja - Invoices, Expenses, Tasks and Proposals built with Laravel

  •    PHP

Invoice Ninja was built to serve freelancers and business owners with a complete suite of invoicing & payment tools to advance your business. Instead of using Word documents, nondescript PayPal forms, or overpriced software, with Invoice Ninja you can send beautiful branded invoices with minimum of effort and maximum professionalism.

akaunting - Free and Online Accounting Software

  •    PHP

Akaunting is a free, open source and online accounting software designed for small businesses and freelancers. It is built with modern technologies such as Laravel, Bootstrap, jQuery, RESTful API etc. Thanks to its modular structure, Akaunting provides an awesome App Store for users and developers. Akaunting uses Laravel, the best existing PHP framework, as the foundation framework and Modules package for Apps.

billy - A simple invoicing and tracking web application.

  •    Ruby

This is a simple invoice and tracking application suited for small companies. It helps you in managing your daily task in your daily business: track activities, expenses and invoices. It's built on Rails 4.0.

grouptabs - Mobile Web App to organize payments in dynamic groups of people.

  •    Javascript

Grouptabs lets you track shared expenses in a group of friends in a fun way. It is an offline-capable installable web app, currently with a mobile (small screens) focus.

SplitMe - Split expenses with friends.

  •    Javascript

Use SplitMe to share group bills and make sure that everyone gets paid back. Split household bills with roommates, figure out costs for a group trip, remember when a friend spots you for lunch. Use the FSA standard.

hobo-elm - HOBO application written in Elm programming language

  •    CSS

Simple and FAST family budget organizer. Very easy to use, no training necessary.

telegram-expense-bot - A bot that helps you manage and track your daily expenses.

  •    Javascript

This is a bot for the Telegram messaging app using their bot platform. The code is open-source and consequently anybody could set up an own instance of the bot. To learn how to do so, see this section. The official hosted version is available as @ExpenseBot. To learn more about this bot, please refer to this blog article or just send the bot a message with the /help command. This bot’s purpose is to help people manage their daily expenses and keep track of their financial situation. Users can add expenses from wherever they are using a few simple commands from within the chat and have an eye on how much they have spent in a month or a day. This obviates the need for confusing Excel spreadsheets or paper notes.