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15-minute-apps - 15 minute (small) desktop apps built with PyQt

  •    Python

A collection of 15 small — minute — desktop applications written in Python using the PyQt framework. These apps are intended as examples from which you can poke, hack and prod your way to writing your own tools. The apps showcase various parts of the Qt framework, including advanced widgets, multimedia, graphics views and decorationless windows. However, the most generally interesting/feature complete applications are Minesweeper, Solitaire and Paint.

maps-app-javascript - Your organizations maps app built with ArcGIS API for Javascript

  •    TypeScript

This repo provides an example app called Maps App that can be used as as starter for your organizations mapping app built with ArcGIS API 4 for JavaScript. You can use the Maps App as is, or extend it using the ArcGIS API for JavaScript. This application takes advantage of numerous technologies for development purposes. It utlizes webpack to compile and bundle the application code and other files. It is written in TypeScript and provides examples on how to create custom widgets using the ArcGIS API 4 for JavaScript.

webapp-example - Example web-app using Directus

  •    CSS

Note: This example codebase will be updated over time to include more complex examples of SDK integration. A schema.sql file contains the entire database for both project and Directus tables. Simply create a new database, import this file into it, and create/update the config.php (copy: config.example.php). Finally, run composer install within the project directory to fetch the vendor files.

dynamic-situational-awareness-qt - Dynamic Situational Awareness Qt

  •    C++

When the operational landscape changes frequently, then rapid, accurate, purpose-built, mission-focused communication is key to success. This is the working domain of the Dynamic Situational Awareness example app (DSA) built using ArcGIS Runtime. DSA enables physically distributed teams to work as one, maintaining current status on teammates while exploring and illuminating the operational landscape. DSA is an example app intended and designed for the developer who wants to build their own custom field operation apps. Built using the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Qt, DSA highlights developer best practices for the specific workflows for in-vehicle (mounted) and field (handheld/dismounted) teams who need to dynamically understand their environment and the situation around them.

mapbook-wpf - Offline Mapbook example app built with WPF and the ArcGIS .NET Runtime SDK

  •    CSharp

This Offline Mapbook repo is a Visual Studion 2015 Project that can be directly cloned and imported into Visual Studio 2015 or higher. Fork the Offline Mapbook WPF repo.

mapbook-ios - Offline Mapbook example app built with ArcGIS iOS Runtime SDK

  •    Swift

This repo is home to the mobile mapbook app, an example application using the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS. Replace the paper maps you use for field work with offline maps. The project also demonstrates some patterns for building real-world apps around the ArcGIS Runtime SDK.

maps-app-dotnet - Your organization's suite of cross platform mapping apps built with the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for

  •    CSharp

The Maps App for .NET shows how a suite of applications can be built around the ArcGIS Platform using the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET and a combination of WPF and the cross-platform framework Xamarin Forms. It demonstrates best practices around some simple but key functionality of the ArcGIS Runtime. You can use the Maps App as is, or extend it to meet your specific needs. Detailed documentation about the app and its architecture can be found on the developers website. This Maps App repo is a Visual Studio 2017 Project that can be directly cloned and imported into Visual Studio 2017 or higher.

TinyPdfReader - An example for tiny book readers for Android

  •    Java

Copyright (c) 2015 FUJI Goro (gfx). Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License.

diary-app - 🔐An End-To-End Encrypted Diary Web App

  •    PHP

This is an example app to showcase how you can use End-to-End Encryption in your Laravel Apps. I've used Vue as the Frontend Framework but the code should be easily portable to any Framework of your choice. I've written a blog post about the project. You can read it here.

beverage-starter-flow - Simple Example Web Application for Vaadin Flow

  •    Java

This is a Vaadin platform Java example application, used to demonstrate features of the Vaadin Flow framework. The easiest way of using it is via https://vaadin.com/start - you can choose the package naming you want.

Clean-Architecture-in-Golang - A Clean Architecture in Golang

  •    Go

The purpose of this architecture is to be as flexible as possible in order to develop a project as quickly as possible and to maintain this speed during the whole development lifespan, whatever its size and the changes that will have to be done, for whatever reason.

multi_tenancex - Example of Phoenix application with database multi-tenancy.

  •    Elixir

Example of Phoenix application with database multi-tenancy. A practical way to see the concepts tackled in this post from my website. Home.

react-native-css-modules-with-media-queries-example - An example app to show how CSS Media Queries work in React Native

  •    Javascript

An example app to show how CSS Media Queries work in React Native. This example app re-implements "Responsive Full Width Tabs" demo from Tympanus Codrops website in React Native.

iOS-nRF-Blinky - A starter app for new developers in the BLE world!

  •    Swift

nRF Blinky is an example app targeted towards newcomer BLE developers. This application will demonstrate how to control a LED on an nRF development kit and receive notifications when the button on the kit is pressed and released. Prepare your Development kit.

technex-ios - iOS app for Technex, IIT(BHU) Varanasi

  •    Swift

iOS app for Technex, IIT(BHU) Varanasi. This project is closed before completion for some reasons. You can use this app for learning purpose. Hope this will help you to understand more of ios development. This project is buited in Xocde 8 and used swift 3, now migrated to latest version Swift 4 and Xcode 9.1. Before running app make sure cocoapods is installed, if not then install pods and run. You can use this app as a templet of any event related app.

go-beanstalk-gin - A demo webapp using Go, gin and Elastic Beanstalk.

  •    Shell

A demo webapp using Go, gin and Elastic Beanstalk. This project demonstrates the deployment of a simple webapp built using gin to Elastic Beanstalk. Dependencies are managed using dep.