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design - ewasm Design Overview and Specification


This repository contains documents describing the design and high-level overview of eWASM. Expect the contents of this repository to be in flux: everything is still under discussion. WebAssembly (or Wasm as a contraction) is a new, portable, size- and load-time-efficient format. WebAssembly aims to execute at native speed by taking advantage of common hardware capabilities available on a wide range of platforms. WebAssembly is currently being designed as an open standard by a W3C Community Group.

evmc - EVMC – Ethereum Client-VM Connector API

  •    C

The EVMC is the low-level ABI between Ethereum Virtual Machines (EVMs) and Ethereum Clients. On the EVM side it supports classic EVM1 and eWASM. On the Client-side it defines the interface for EVM implementations to access Ethereum environment and state. Please visit the documentation.

evm2wasm - [ORPHANED] Transcompiles EVM code to eWASM

  •    C++

EVM (Ethereum VM 1.0) to eWASM transcompiler. Here is a online frontend. The above build command will invoke wasm/generateInterface.js which generates wasm/wast.json and include/wast.h containing a Webassembly function corresponding to each EVM opcode.

ewasm-kernel - Javascript implementation of an eWASM VM

  •    Javascript

This is a JS prototype of the eWASM kernal. The tests are written in wasm's text format (.wast) which are then compiled into binary format and ran in node.

hera - Hera: ewasm virtual machine conforming to the EVMC API

  •    C++

Hera is an ewasm (revision 4) virtual machine implemented in C++ conforming to EVMC ABIv5. It is design to leverage various Wasm backends, both interpreters and AOT/JITs.