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CAP - CAP is a library based on

  •    CSharp

CAP is a library based on .Net standard, which is a solution to deal with distributed transactions, also has the function of EventBus, it is lightweight, easy to use, and efficiently.In the process of building an SOA or MicroService system, we usually need to use the event to integrate each services. In the process, the simple use of message queue does not guarantee the reliability. CAP is adopted the local message table program integrated with the current database to solve the exception may occur in the process of the distributed system calling each other. It can ensure that the event messages are not lost in any case.

SwiftEventBus - A publish/subscribe EventBus optimized for iOS

  •    Swift

Subscribers implement event handling methods that will be called when an event is received. Post an event from any part of your code. All subscribers matching the event type will receive it.

SmartRecom - 一款基于行为识别和个性化推荐的智能推荐APP,实时为你推荐音乐和电影,让你的生活更休闲,更精彩!

  •    Java


oak - A game engine in Go

  •    Go

go get -u github.com/oakmound/oak/...See the examples folder for longer demos.

event_bus - :surfer: Traceable, extendable and minimalist **event bus** implementation for Elixir with built-in **event store** and **event watcher** based on ETS

  •    Elixir

Traceable, extendable and minimalist event bus implementation for Elixir with built-in event store and event watcher based on ETS.

rabbus - A tiny wrapper over amqp exchanges and queues 🚌 ✨

  •    Go

The rabbus package exposes a interface for emitting and listening RabbitMQ messages.

change-propagation - A RESTBase queuing module for Apache Kafka

  •    Javascript

The purpose of the change propagation service is executing actions based on events. The service listens to kafka topics, and executes handlers for events according to configurable rules. Currently, a rule could issue HTTP requests, produce new messages, or make an HTCP purge request. The list of supported actions is easily expandable by creating new modules with internal HTTP endpoints and calling them from the rules.A Rule is a semantically meaningful piece of service functionality. For example, 'Rerender RESTBase if the page was changed', or 'Update summary if RESTBase render was changed' are both rules. To specify the rules, you need to add a property to the kafka module config template property. Each rule is executed by a single worker, but internal load-balancing mechanism tries to distribute rules to workers equally.

vertx-eventbus-client - vert.x eventbus client for node.js

  •    Javascript

This is a vert.x 2.1 eventbus client library for node.js.

camunda-bpm-reactor - Event Driven process applications

  •    Java

Event-based listeners and delegates for camunda. This extension provides a process engine plugin that registers Execution- and TaskListeners to all possible elements and all possible events. These listeners then publish their delegates (DelegateTask, DelegateExcution) to an event bus.

resugan - simple, powerful and unobstrusive event driven architecture framework for ruby

  •    Ruby

Simple, powerful and unobstrusive event driven architecture framework for ruby. This gem provides a base framework in order to build a more powerful event based system on top of it. Events cuts across multiple objects and allows you to cleanly separate business logic to other cross cutting concerns like analytics and logging. Multiple events are consolidated allowing you to efficiently batch related operations together. Also allows for a customizable backend which enables the use of various evented queuing mechanisms like redis queue, amazon SQS with minimal changes to your code that generates the events.

event_bus_postgres - 🐘 Postgres event store for event_bus

  •    Elixir

Listen and save event_bus events to Postgres. Module docs can be found at https://hexdocs.pm/event_bus_postgres.

delphi-event-bus - Delphi Event Bus (for short DEB) is an Event Bus framework for Delphi

  •    Pascal

Delphi Event Bus (for short DEB) is a publish/subscribe Event Bus framework for the Delphi platform. DEB is designed to decouple different parts/layers of your application while still allowing them to communicate efficiently. It was inspired by EventBus framework for the Android platform.

eventbus - supper pubsub framework based on asynchronous models

  •    Go

Eventbus is event framework for in-memory event management. The implementation is still in beta, we are using it for our production already. But the API change will be happen until 1.0.

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