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gocells - Tideland Go Cells

The Tideland Go Cells provide a package for the creation of event based applications with networked concurrently working cells. The way how they process the recevied events is defined by behaviors. During the processing of an event a cell can emit multiple events to its subscribers.Major package providing the infrastructure for event based applications. It is organized as an environment of networked cells. Each cell is controlled by its behavior implementing the according interface. It receives events, processes them, and can emit a number of new events during this time. Those events are then received by those cells which subscribed to the individual cell.

kafka-akka-stream-play-demo - Demo / Exploration of Play Framework + Reactive Kafka + EventSource

This demo is a single page web site which takes a form input, sends it as a json XHR request to a simple Scala Controller in Play Framework 2.5, which then pipes it to a Kafka Unified Log. A listener then receives a notification from Kafka via an event stream via Reactive Kafka and sends it immediately back to the browser as an HTML5 EventSource event. It's also possible also send text messages to the browser and listen to the event stream from the command line using the default command line producer/consumer that comes with Kafka.