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message-db - Microservice native message and event store for Postgres

  •    Shell

A fully-featured event store and message store implemented in PostgreSQL for Pub/Sub, Event Sourcing, Messaging, and Evented Microservices applications. An event sourcing and Pub/Sub message store built on Postgres for simple cloud or local hosting. A minimalist implementation of the essential features of tools like Event Store or Kafka, with built-in support for messaging patterns like Pub/Sub, and consumer patterns like consumer groups.

gocells - Tideland Go Cells

  •    Go

The Tideland Go Cells provide a package for the creation of event based applications with networked concurrently working cells. The way how they process the recevied events is defined by behaviors. During the processing of an event a cell can emit multiple events to its subscribers.Major package providing the infrastructure for event based applications. It is organized as an environment of networked cells. Each cell is controlled by its behavior implementing the according interface. It receives events, processes them, and can emit a number of new events during this time. Those events are then received by those cells which subscribed to the individual cell.

kafka-akka-stream-play-demo - Demo / Exploration of Play Framework + Reactive Kafka + EventSource

  •    Scala

This demo is a single page web site which takes a form input, sends it as a json XHR request to a simple Scala Controller in Play Framework 2.5, which then pipes it to a Kafka Unified Log. A listener then receives a notification from Kafka via an event stream via Reactive Kafka and sends it immediately back to the browser as an HTML5 EventSource event. It's also possible also send text messages to the browser and listen to the event stream from the command line using the default command line producer/consumer that comes with Kafka.

php-sse - A simple and efficient library implemented HTML5's server-sent events by PHP, is used to real-time push events from server to client, and easier than Websocket, instead of AJAX request

  •    PHP

A simple and efficient library implemented HTML5's server-sent events by PHP, is used to real-time push events from server to client, and easier than Websocket, instead of AJAX request.

hystrix-vertx-metrics-stream - Vert.x implementation of a Hystrix Events Metrics Stream

  •    Java

This module exposes metrics in a text/event-stream formatted stream, using a Vertx HttpServer, that continues as long as a client holds the connection. This modules let you embed the HttpServer in any application, doesn't matter if is a Java SE desktop, even command line application, doesn't need a servlet container, is extremely efficient and easy to deploy, using little memory and like 3 threads.

akka-cqrs-activator - Issue tracker application written in Scala (Akka) and JavaScript (AngularJS) which demonstrates implementation of event sourcing and CQRS

  •    Scala

Cassandra is being used as an event store and also as a "read side" data store. Normally, event store and "read side" data store should be separated. On the write side, Akka Persistent FSM actor is being used to store current state and to define behavior. In our case - IssueRepository. IssueRepositoryManager is being used to manage creation of IssueRepository actors. Each time when new issue is being created, new IssueRepository actor is being created with unique id. Therefore, one actor per issue. The unique id is composed from time UUID and date (which is date of creation). If the actor is not existing in the context of IssueRepositoryManager, then the actor is being created as a new one, or recovered by provided id. In case of recovery, events will be replayed and actor will be recovered to its latest state.

db2-event-store-taxi-trips - Stream data from a Java program and use a Jupyter notebook to demonstrate charting of statistics based on historical and live events

  •    Java

In this code pattern, we will stream data from a Java program and use a Jupyter notebook to demonstrate charting of statistics based on historical and live events. IBM Db2 Event Store is used as the event database. IBM® Db2 Event Store (formerly IBM Project EventStore) is an in-memory database designed for massive structured data volumes and real-time analytics built on Apache SPARK and Apache Parquet Data Format. The solution is optimized for event-driven data processing and analysis. It can support emerging applications that are driven by events such as IoT solutions, payments, logistics and web commerce. It is flexible, scalable and can adapt quickly to your changing business needs over time. Available in a free developer edition and an enterprise edition that you can download now. The enterprise edition is free for pre-production and test.

go-graphql-subscription-example - ☝️ go-graphql subscription over Kafka/Redis/NSQ example

  •    Go

Project that demonstrates graphQL subscriptions (over Websocket) to consume pre-configured topics from different kinds of stream sources like Apache Kafka, redis, NSQ... This repository implements a simple service allowing clients to consume messages from a topics/channels through a graphQL subscription endpoint.

scramjet - Simple yet powerful live data computation framework

  •    Javascript

Scramjet is a fast, simple, functional reactive stream programming framework written on top of node.js object streams. The code is written by chaining functions that transform the streamed data, including well known map, filter and reduce and fully compatible with ES7 async/await. Thanks to it some built in optimizations scramjet is much faster and much much simpler than similar frameworks when using asynchronous operations. The benchmarks are published in the scramjet-benchmark repo.

nr1-event-stream - View the latest live data stream for APM data based on Transaction and TransactionError events

  •    Javascript

Event Stream is similar to Unix’s tail program, now focused on APM. Event Stream uses data from Transaction and TransactionError events to display a live stream of processes occuring in your system.

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