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tiny-emitter - A tiny (less than 1k) event emitter library

  •    Javascript

A tiny (less than 1k) event emitter library. Alternatively, you can skip the initialization step by requiring tiny-emitter/instance instead. This pulls in an already initialized emitter.


  •    Ruby

MicroEvent.rb is a event emitter library which provides the observer pattern to Ruby objects. It is inspired by MicroEvent.js, implemented in less than 20 lines of Ruby. or copy the source file into your project.

parallel-event-emitter - Parallel event emitter built on futures-rs

  •    Rust

Implementation of an event emitter that invokes event listener callbacks concurrently in a configurable thread pool, using Futures to notify callers of success or errors.Because all values must be transferred across thread boundaries, all types T must be Send.

p-event - Promisify an event by waiting for it to be emitted

  •    Javascript

Useful when you need only one event emission and want to use it with promises or await it in an async function.If you want multiple individual events as they are emitted, this module is not for you, as a Promise is a single value. Instead, just continue using event callback or use Observables.

pyobservable - minimalist event system for python

  •    Python

pyobservable is a minimalist event system for python. It provides you an easy-to-use interface to trigger arbitrary functions when specific events occur. once works like on, but once the event handler is triggered it will be removed and cannot be triggered again.

dgram-emitter - Very simple EventEmitter on top of a UDP server/client

  •    Javascript

The DgramEmitter constructor is a EventEmitter with an underlying UDP socket. Just creating the object won't allow you to receive events, for that you will have to call the .listen method. But until you do so, emits will be stored in a queue stack. Note that you can also inherit from the DgramEmitter, but if you chose to do so, you should avoid overwriting the ._dgramState properties and remember to call the constructor function.

chokidar-socket-emitter - a simple chokidar watcher which emits events to all connected socket

  •    Javascript

a simple chokidar watcher and socket.io server which emits file system events to all connected socket.io clients. Primarily it should serve as an event source for systemjs-hot-reloader but you can use it any other way. By default listens on port 5776.

stats - 📊 Collect stats about your node.js process 📊

  •    Javascript

Collect stats about your node.js process. This module exports a function which instantiates an event emitter which emits a single event, stats. This event emitter has two functions which can be used to start and stop probing for statistics, start() and stop(). Listen to the stats event to get useful process statistics.

jvent - An universal JavaScript Emitter based on NodeJS EventEmitter.

  •    Javascript

An universal JavaScript Emitter based on NodeJS EventEmitter. Also, you can use the standalone version without components.

XTab - Browser cross-tab events library

  •    Javascript

Browser cross-tab events library. Allow to emit events that will be dispatched to all other tabs from that domain opened.

observer - Golang event emitter and listener with builtin file watcher package.

  •    Go

Go event emitter and listener with builtin file watcher package. This observer implements event emitter and listener pattern in go, the observer register a list of listener functions and implement an event emitter, once an event is emitted, all listener functions will be called.

emitter-queue - :sleeping: Queue emitter events

  •    Javascript

Queue messages coming from an event emitter until the creation of a listener. This module works in both front end and back end with event emitter interfaces. For questions and feedback please use our twitter account. For support, bug reports and or feature requests please make sure to read our community guideline and use the issue list of this repo and make sure it's not present yet in our reporting checklist.

ee-ts - Type-safe EventEmitter class

  •    TypeScript

This library was designed with subclassing in mind. When you pass an array as the last argument of on, one, or EE.unhandle, an object is pushed onto it. This object has a dispose(): void method, which you should call to remove the associated listener from its event.

tab-emitter - :speech_balloon: An event emitter for same-origin tab communication

  •    Javascript

tab-emitter is a client-side javascript module that allows you to send events between browser tabs/windows. The sending/recieving web pages must have the same origin. You can not emit events between browsers, only between the same browser. tab-emitter is written to work with browserify, and is extremely easy to implement in your code.

arbitrary-emitter - High performance event emitter for modern browsers (~450 bytes)

  •    Javascript

High performance event emitter for modern browsers in ~450 bytes. Install with npm, clone the repo or download and extract the zip. Then import or insert it as script tag.

emissary - Node mixins for subscribing to and emitting events *no longer maintained*

  •    CoffeeScript

Achtung! This library is currently used in Atom and various Atom dependencies, but our long-term plan is to transition away from it in favor of the simpler event-kit library. Don't depend on supporting this library forever. Achtung Again! The Subscriber mixin requires ES6 Harmony WeakMaps. To enable them, run your program with the node --harmony_collections flag. If you're using it in a node framework such as jasmine, run its script with the flag enabled as follows: node --harmony-collections .bin/jasmine-node specs.

events2 - ES2015 implementation of nodejs EventEmitter

  •    Javascript

This is an alias for core emitter.removeListener AND emitter.removeAllListeners.

observable - minimalist event system for Python

  •    Python

pyobservable is a minimalist event system for python. It provides you an easy-to-use interface to trigger arbitrary functions when specific events occur. Note: We are Python 3 only! Only Python Versions >= 3.5 are supported. Use v0.3.2 for older Python Versions.