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arduinoWebSockets - arduinoWebSockets

  •    C++

a WebSocket Server and Client for Arduino based on RFC6455. version 2.0 and up is not compatible with AVR/ATmega, check ATmega branch.

McLighting - The ESP8266 based multi-client lighting gadget

  •    C++

Mc Lighting (the multi-client lighting gadget) is a very cheap internet-controllable lighting solution based on the famous ESP8266 microcontroller and WS2811/2812 led strips. It features a self-hosted responsive web-interface, a REST-API and a websocket connector. Because of it's open architecture and APIs it's easy to build new clients for different platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Universal Apps, Siri/Cortana integration, ...).

FAST ESP Web Parts for SharePoint Server 2007


This project provides a set of installable Web parts for integrating FAST ESP search capabilities with SharePoint Server 2007. With these Web parts SharePoint administrtors can quickly build ESP-based search sites in SharePoint Server 2007 by simply dropping in and configuring...

DAHAKA-s-ENB - A Skyrim ENB preset with multiple weather settings designed for Climates Of Tamriel .

  •    HLSL

DAHAKA is an ENB preset with multiple weather settings for COT (Climates Of Tamriel). It also contains an .esp file which modifies the standard COT weathers. The installation supports MO (Mod Organizer) and NMM (Nexus Mod Manager). With the installer you can easily choose the quality level, color level, night brightness, the focus length in DOF and a bunch of ENBlens styles.

clr-boot-manager - Kernel & Boot Loader Management

  •    C

clr-boot-manager exists to enable the correct maintenance of vendor kernels and appropriate garbage collection tactics over the course of upgrades. The implementation provides the means to enable correct cohabitation on a shared boot directory, such as the EFI System Partition for UEFI-booting operating systems. Special care is taken to ensure the boot partition is handled gracefully, and in the instance that it is not already mounted, then clr-boot-manager will automatically discover and mount it, and automatically unmount the boot partition again when it is complete.

sicherboot - systemd-boot integration with secure boot support

  •    Shell

sicher*boot automatically installs systemd-boot and kernels for it into the ESP, signed with keys generated by it. The signing keys are stored unencrypted and only protected by the file system permissions. Thus, you should make sure that the file system they are stored (usually /etc) in is encrypted.

WirelessPrinting - Print wirelessly from Cura, PrusaControl or Slic3r PE to your 3D printer connected to an ESP8266 module

  •    C++

Print wirelessly from Cura, PrusaControl, or Slic3r PE to your 3D printer connected to an ESP8266 module. Readymade, pre-assembled, flashed and tested hardware may be available, please contact me for information.

ioBroker.sonoff - Control Sonoff-Tasmota devices via ioBroker

  •    Javascript

Requires node.js 4.0 or higher. This adapter communicates with Sonoff devices with Tasmota firmware or ESP devices via MQTT.