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tolerant-php-parser - An early-stage PHP parser designed for IDE usage scenarios.

  •    PHP

This is an early-stage PHP parser designed, from the beginning, for IDE usage scenarios (see Design Goals for more details). There is still a ton of work to be done, so at this point, this repo mostly serves as an experiment and the start of a conversation.After you've configured your machine, you can use the parser to generate and work with the Abstract Syntax Tree (AST) via a friendly API.

millan - The Stardog Whisperer: TypeScript/JS parsers for Stardog languages

  •    TypeScript

Millan is the Stardog whisperer -- a set of parsers for languages used with Stardog (currently SPARQL, Turtle, TriG, Stardog Mapping Syntax 2 (SMS), Stardog Rules Syntax, the Turtle serialization of SHACL, and GraphQL). You can then import Millan in Node.js or in the browser, using any preferred module format or bundler.

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