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ixmp - The ix modeling platform for integrated and cross-cutting scenario analysis

  •    Python

The ix modeling platform (ixmp) is a data warehouse for high-powered scenario analysis, with interfaces to Python and R for efficient scientific workflows and effective data pre- and post-processing, and a structured database backend for version-controlled data management. This repository contains the core and application programming interfaces (API) for the ix modeling platform (ixmp), as well as a number of tutorials and examples for a generic model instance based on Dantzig's transport problem.

message_ix - The integrated assessment and energy systems model MESSAGEix

  •    Jupyter

MESSAGEix is a versatile, open-source, dynamic systems-optimization model. It was developed for strategic energy planning and integrated assessment of energy-engineering-economy-environment systems (E4). The framework includes the possibility for integration with the general-economy MACRO model to incorporate the feedback from price changes on demand for commodities or energy services. The mathematical formulation is based on the MESSAGE Integrated Assessment model developed at IIASA since the 1980s. The MESSAGEix and MACRO models are implemented in GAMS. This repository contains the GAMS code and a number of tutorials and examples using stylized national energy system models.

urbs - A linear optimisation model for distributed energy systems

  •    Python

urbs is a linear programming optimisation model for capacity expansion planning and unit commitment for distributed energy systems. Its name, latin for city, stems from its origin as a model for optimisation for urban energy systems. Since then, it has been adapted to multiple scales from neighbourhoods to continents. There are 2 ways to get all required packages under Windows. I recommend using the Python distribution Anaconda. If you don't want to use it or already have an existing Python (version 3.5 recommended, 2.7 is supported as well) installation, you can also download the required packages by yourself..

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