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unicode-emoji - Emoji Regex in Ruby

  •    Ruby

A small Ruby library which provides Unicode Emoji data and regexes. Also includes a categorized list of recommended Emoji.

spacymoji - 💙👉💫 Emoji handling and meta data for spaCy

  •    Python

spaCy v2.0 extension and pipeline component for adding emoji meta data to Doc objects. Detects emoji consisting of one or more unicode characters, and can optionally merge multi-char emoji (combined pictures, emoji with skin tone modifiers) into one token. Human-readable emoji descriptions are added as a custom attribute, and an optional lookup table can be provided for your own descriptions. The extension sets the custom Doc, Token and Span attributes ._.is_emoji, ._.emoji_desc, ._.has_emoji and ._.emoji. You can read more about custom pipeline components and extension attributes here. Emoji are matched using spaCy's PhraseMatcher, and looked up in the data table provided by the "emoji" package.

AllGithubEmojis - :octocat: A list of all supported github emojis updated weekly


:octocat: A list of all supported github emojis updated weekly. https://jzeferino.github.io/AllGithubEmojis/

cool-emoji-picker - Cool Emoji Picker - A fast plug-n-play [Tw]emoji Picker (+textarea for Twemoji rendering) for Vue

  •    HTML

A fast plug-n-play [Tw]emoji Picker (+ optional textarea for Twemoji rendering) for Vue with search and recent emojis features! Supports latest emoji Unicode spec released (v. 12.0, 2019), emoji skins (tones, hair, diversity) and 19 languages.

emojicpp - Emoji :smile: for c++ developers :+1:

  •    C++

This will convert emoji codes in strings to unicode emojis.

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