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wdt-emoji-bundle - Slack like emoji picker with apple/ios, twitter/twemoji, google, emojione, facebook, messenger emoji support

  •    Javascript

Slack like emoji selector with apple/ios, twitter/twemoji, google, emojione, facebook, messenger and custom emoji support. I ❤️ opensource. Thanks to Cal Henderson @iamcal.

alfred-emoj - Alfred 3 workflow to find relevant emoji from text

  •    Javascript

Uses the API from this great article on Emoji & Deep Learning. Check out the Dango app if you want something like this on your phone.Requires Node.js 4+ and the Alfred Powerpack.

emojione-picker - A react emoji picker for use with emojione

  •    Javascript

The module includes a transpiled version of the picker so you don't need to run it through a JSX pipeline. Simply require the module like any other.

em-keyboard - the cli emoji keyboard™

  •    Python

Emoji your friends and colleagues from the comfort of your own terminal. em is a nifty command-line utility for referencing emoji characters by name. Provide the names of a few emoji, and those lucky chosen emojis will be displayed in your terminal, then copied to your clipboard. Automagically.

react-emoji-picker - A React component providing a visual emoji picker, similar to Slack's

  •    Javascript

You're right, it could! But the above code will give you an <input type="text"/> that only accepts a single emoji as a valid value. That's probably not what you want! But react-emoji-picker is flexible enough to support whatever sort of emoji-picking experience you want to build. Basically, react-emoji-picker takes care of actually listing out all the emojis and responding when a user clicks them. Plus, it keeps the list of all emojis up-to-date in a community-supported way.

launchbar-emoji-lookup - LaunchBar action to find the perfect emoji by name or keyword 🔎

  •    Javascript

Download the latest version at https://github.com/jasonrudolph/launchbar-emoji-lookup/releases/latest.

vue-emoji-picker - Very simple, yet powerful, vue emoji picker 🎉🔥🚀

  •    Javascript

vue-emoji-picker is a slot-based component, to provide maximum flexibility. Since every ounce of html is created by a consumer (ie. you), you can customize every piece of the component as you wish. You will need two things. A textarea (or an input), where emojis will be injected, and a component declaration. A simple example is provided below.

react-emojipicker - A react emoji picker

  •    Javascript

Uses emojione for rendering emojis to images. An Emoji object is returned in the following format from the picker.

Emjr - :smile: Customizable React-based emoji picker

  •    Javascript

A customizable React-based emoji picker. The emoji spritesheets come from the emoji-datasource project and they are served through unpkg, a global CDN that serves NPM package files. Here's a list of the most used set and sheet sizes combos, although there are a lot more.

AllGithubEmojis - :octocat: A list of all supported github emojis updated weekly


:octocat: A list of all supported github emojis updated weekly. https://jzeferino.github.io/AllGithubEmojis/

cool-emoji-picker - Cool Emoji Picker - A fast plug-n-play [Tw]emoji Picker (+textarea for Twemoji rendering) for Vue

  •    HTML

A fast plug-n-play [Tw]emoji Picker (+ optional textarea for Twemoji rendering) for Vue with search and recent emojis features! Supports latest emoji Unicode spec released (v. 12.0, 2019), emoji skins (tones, hair, diversity) and 19 languages.

wofi-emoji - Emoji picker for Wayland using wofi and wl-clipboard

  •    Shell

Simple emoji selector for Wayland using wofi and wl-clipboard. Download wofi-emoji, ensure it's executable and somewhere in your $PATH.

ep - ⛏ A CLI Emoji Picker

  •    Go

ep is an emoji picker for the CLI. Navigation can be done with the arrow keys. Pressing Enter copies the selected emoji to the clipboard.

vuemoji-picker - Vue 2 and 3 lightweight emoji picker.

  •    TypeScript

A simple Vue 2 and 3 wrapper component for emoji-picker-element. Use the Database API as a composable.

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