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emmet-vim - emmet for vim: http://emmet.io/

  •    Vim

emmet-vim is a vim plug-in which provides support for expanding abbreviations similar to emmet.

emmet - The essential toolkit for web-developers

  •    CSS

Emmet (formerly Zen Coding) is a web-developer’s toolkit that can greatly improve your HTML & CSS workflow. With Emmet, you can type CSS-like expressions that can be dynamically parsed, and produce output depending on what you type in the abbreviation. Emmet is developed and optimised for web-developers whose workflow depends on HTML/XML and CSS, but can be used with programming languages too.

emmet-jsx-css-modules - Atom package to extend Emmet's JSX expansions to use CSS modules.

  •    Javascript

Atom package to extend Emmet's JSX expansions to use CSS modules. For example: .foo will now expand to <div className={style.foo}></div> instead of <div className="foo"></div>.

emmet-docset - emmet docset for dash

  •    Javascript

Emmet (formerly Zen Coding) DocSet for Dash.

css-utils - Object-oriented, Emmet-inspired CSS utility classes for rapid website development

  •    CSS

A collection of CSS utility classes - based on Emmet shorthand conventions - to aid in object-oriented CSS development. Terse OOCSS classes can be a powerful tool for rapid and scalable development. They can be used independently, or to augment existing objects.

emmet.chocmixin - Emmet mixin for Chocolat editor

  •    Javascript

This is an autogenerated mixin for Chocolat editor. Please do not fork this repo for pull requests: all of them will be denied. If you want to fix bugs or introduce new features please do that on main repo. In Chocolat, open Actions > Install Mixins… dialog, find and install Emmet plugin.

bemmet - Simple Emmet-like tool to expand shorcuts into BEMJSON

  •    Javascript

Simple Emmet-like tool to expand abbreviations into BEMJSON. Check out online demo. Also available as Sublime Text, VS Code, Atom and IntelliJ * plugins.

emmet-elm - An Emmet filter for Elm Html

  •    Javascript

An Emmet filter for Elm Html. Currently only works with Atom. However, the plan is to submit this to Emmet core after it has gotten some usage and testing.

magento-advanced-code-editor - An advanced code editor that'll make it much easier to write clean markup for CMS pages, static blocks, product pages and Transactional Emails

  •    Javascript

Extends Magento with an advanced code editor that'll make it much more easier to produce clean semantic markup for CMS related content as well as product pages and Transactional Emails. If you're familiar with Magento and you've spent some time working with it's WYSIWYG editor, you'll know that producing clean semantic HTML markup with the TinyMCE editor can be quite a hassle. Especially when fiddling around in the "design view" it'll often result in invalid or unwanted HTML. Of course you can open up the default source editor and go from there. But you probably know that this will not be very pleasant as well, the code looks like a big bowl of tag soup and editing it can give you a real headache.

tinymce-emmet-plugin - A TinyMCE plugin that provides an HTML editor including all Emmet features

  •    Javascript

A TinyMCE plugin that provides an HTML editor including all Emmet features (formerly Zen Coding). Pass along the name of the plugin to the plugins property of the init method and you're good to go.

codemirror - Emmet plugin for CodeMirror online editor

  •    Javascript

To add Emmet support for CodeMirror editor, simply add dist/emmet.js as a <script> tag into your HTML page right after CodeMirror script. This script creates global emmetCodeMirror function but also can be loaded as Require.JS module. You should pass CodeMirror editor instance to emmetCodeMirror() to add Emmet support. Available profiles are: html, xhtml, xml, but you can create your own output profile with emmetCodeMirror.emmet.loadProfiles({name: options}).

codemirror-plugin - Plugin for CodeMirror web editor

  •    Javascript

CodeMirror extension that adds Emmet support to text editor. Extension development is sponsored by CodePen.

expand-abbreviation - Reference implementation of Emmet abbreviation expander

  •    Javascript

Reference implementation of Emmet’s “Expand Abbreviation” action. This module exports two functions: parse(abbr, options) and expand(abbr, options).

re-view - A Google Chrome extension for displaying responsive breakpoints view

  •    Javascript

Emmet Re:View is a small Google Chrome extension that finds responsive design breakpoints on your page and creates view for each breakpoint. See Emmet Re:View web-site for more info.

snippets - Emmet HTML snippets

  •    Javascript

Emmet HTML snippets

emma.css - :fork_and_knife: Emma.css { emmet-like utility classes }

  •    CSS

Emmet-like utility classes for rapid and easy front-end development. Install or download Emma.css from one of these sources.

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