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vim-emberlayout - Open Ember files in a grid

  •    Vim

This plugin simply takes a base filename in an Ember.js project and will open a grid of windows for each related file. Read the help to know more.

vim-ember-hbs - Ember Handlebars/HTMLBars plugin for Vim with indentation support

  •    Vim

Substitute .vim for vimfiles on Windows (in PowerShell). Please open an issue, if you are missing one.

ember_tools.vim - Tools for working with ember projects

  •    Vim

This plugin contains various tools to work with ember.js projects. After installing it, just editing files in an ember.js project should be enough to activate them. It's similar to (and inspired by) rails.vim. The tools work both for javascript and coffeescript, and they support both the handlebars and emblem templating languages.