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Yocto Project - Create Custom Linux Distribution

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The Yocto Project is an open source collaboration project that provides templates, tools and methods to help you create custom Linux-based systems for embedded products regardless of the hardware architecture. It's a complete embedded Linux development environment with tools, metadata, and documentation - everything you need.

OpenEmbedded - Build Framework for Embedded Linux

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OpenEmbedded is the build framework for embedded Linux. It offers a best-in-class cross-compile environment. It allows developers to create a complete Linux Distribution for embedded systems. It support for many hardware architectures. It supports cross-compiles 1000's of packages including GTK+, Qt, the X Windows system, Mono, Java, and about anything else you might ever need.

go-dht - Golang library to interact with DHT11/DHT22 temperature and humidity sensors from Raspberry PI or counterparts

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They are cheap enough and affordable. So, here is a code written in Go programming language for Raspberry PI and counterparts, which gives you at the output temperature and humidity values (making all necessary signal processing via their own 1-wire bus protocol behind the scene). So, here I'm using second approach.

go-i2c - Implementation of I2C-bus written in Golang. Forked from davecheney/i2c.

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This library written in Go programming language intended to activate and interact with the I2C bus by reading and writing data. Tested on Raspberry PI 1 (model B) and Banana PI (model M1).

linux-lab - Docker/Qemu Based Linux Kernel Development Environment

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This project aims to create a Qemu-based Linux development Lab to easier the learning and development of Linux Kernel. For Linux 0.11, please try our Linux 0.11 Lab.

updatehub - A generic and safe Firmware Over-The-Air agent for Embedded and Industrial Linux-based devices

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updatehub provides a generic and safe Firmware Over-The-Air agent for Embedded and Industrial Linux-based devices. The agent has a HTTP API that allows other applications to interact. This includes: trigger downloads, trigger installations, query status, query firmware metadata, query device information, etc.

fusee-nano - A minimalist re-implementation of the Fusée Gelée exploit (http://memecpy

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Note: This currently uses a relatively large amount of memory (~200k) to store the entire payload. I plan to improve this by generating the payload on-the-fly as it is sent.

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