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hermes - Golang package that generates clean, responsive HTML e-mails for sending transactional mail

  •    Go

Hermes is the Go port of the great mailgen engine for Node.js. Check their work, it's awesome! It's a package that generates clean, responsive HTML e-mails for sending transactional e-mails (welcome e-mails, reset password e-mails, receipt e-mails and so on), and associated plain text fallback.Theme templates will be embedded in your application binary. If you want to use external templates (for configuration), use your own theme by implementing hermes.Theme interface with code searching for your files.

responsive-html-email-template - A free simple responsive HTML email template

  •    HTML

Sometimes all you want is a really simple responsive HTML email template. Here it is. See live preview.

Cerberus - A few simple, but solid patterns for responsive HTML email templates and newsletters

  •    HTML

Coding regular emails is hard enough by itself. Making them responsive shouldn't add to the headache. A few simple, but solid patterns are all that's needed to optimize emails for small screens. That's what Cerberus is.

responsive-html-email-template - Responsive HTML email template designed to work on all major email platforms and smartphones

  •    HTML

This template is designed to work on all major email platforms. It is built with media query, making it responsive for smartphones that support media query. It serves as a foundation that has been tested and thoroughly reviewed for compatibility, making it very easy to customize and make changes. Using MailChimp's html email template (blue-print) as the foundation, this template is an improved version with more row options, redefined structure and many fixes for Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, e.t.c.

bojler - Bojler is an email framework

  •    CSS

Bojler is an email framework for developing responsive and lightweight email templates that will render correctly across each of the most popular email clients. If you have experience with email template development, you know how painful it is to build a perfect email template that works across all email clients.

mysigmail - UI Email Signature Generator - Make easy to create your email signature

  •    Vue

Creating an email signature is not a trivial task, even for people who have knowledge of HTML and CSS. And what about ordinary users. There are many solutions on the Internet, and most of them are paid. There are free, but all of them are closed source. I wanted to make a free application with a user-friendly interface and open source code.

Mosaico - Responsive Email Template Editor

  •    Javascript

Mosaico is a JavaScript library (or maybe a single page application) supporting the editing of email templates. The great thing is that Mosaico itself does not define what you can edit or what styles you can change: this is defined by the template. This makes Mosaico very flexible.

Mailmason - A complete toolset to streamline building and updating a set of consistent transactional emails

  •    HTML

A complete toolset to streamline building and updating a set of consistent transactional emails. Few tasks are more tedious than building a consistent set of well-tested and beautiful transactional email templates for your application. Not any longer. MailMason uses Grunt, Handlebars, and Sass in conjunction with layouts and partials to reduce redundancy and create both the HTML and plain text versions of your transactional emails in one fell swoop.

express_mailer - An easy way to send yourself or your team emails about what happens in your rails application

  •    Ruby

ExpressMailer is intended to be a quick and easy way to send yourself or your team members nice looking emails about things that happen in your rails application. No need for creating a new Mailer, copy views, wade through email HTML, or any of that. Just tell ExpressMailer a few things about what you want to send, and it makes a pre-designed ActionMailer object you can manipulate or deliver. ExpressMailer is not intended to be a replacement for your user transactional emails (signups, notifications, etc). While there's nothing really stopping you from using it as such, it's probably never going to be flexible enough to satisfy all the needs of transactional emails. For user facing stuff, you should actually make something that's better and more personalized than ExpressMailer.

mautic-email-templates - Mautic email templates

  •    CSS

Please open all issues with this template on the main Foundation for Emails repo. To use this template, your computer needs Node.js 0.12 or greater. The template can be installed with the Foundation CLI, or downloaded and set up manually.

django-templated-mail - Send emails using Django template system.

  •    Python

A simple wrapper for django.core.mail.EmailMultiAlternatives which makes use of Django template system to store email content in separate file. Developed by SUNSCRAPERS with passion & patience.

shopify-email-templates - Shopify HTML email notification templates for quick reference

  •    HTML

Shopify HTML email notifications for quick reference. What you see here are the default liquid email notifications that Shopify provides. You can access these templates from your Shopify store under Settings > Notifications however I found it much easier when making custom HTML email templates to have these all available locally for reference in a text editor.

email-templates - A collection of email templates coded in MJML

  •    Javascript

A collection of responsive email templates coded in MJML and available on mjml.io/templates. Some of those templates could do with a good clean and we truly appreciate help. If you see any error in a template or a way to enhance a template, feel free to submit a pull-request with your changes.

rss-to-email - Generate HTML email from your RSS feeds

  •    Javascript

Generate HTML emails and mjml templates from one or more RSS feeds. Note: This project is pre-version 1.0.0, so breaking changes may occur. Use at your own risk or lock down to a specific version using NPM.

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