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MSTest Project

  •    CSharp

The purpose of this project is to demonstrate using Microsoft Test Project.

MVC Logging

  •    CSharp

A demo project that shows how to integrate and consolidate popular logging utilities into your MVC website.

Multi-Server MVC Elmah Log Viewer

  •    DotNet

An Elmah Log viewer for multiple elmah logs.

Web Pattern - MVC 3, WebForms, NHibernate, Log4net+Elmah, MultiCulture, Security

  •    ASPNET

Web Pattern include: ASP.NET Web Forms, ASP.NET Mvc, NHibernate, Log4net + Elmah, Custom Security, MultiCulture (MultiLinguage)

MVC Error Handling Services


Unlike other error handling projects, MVC Error Handling Services (MVCEHS) has been built to work exclusively with the MVC framework. Once added and configured, MVCEHS gives you error handling capabilities without changing a single line of code.

elmah-loganalyzer - A viewer and analyzer for ELMAH logs

  •    CSharp

Latest version released 2015-01-28 Added support for empty sources in filters and custom exception details. Please note that this version is not available under downloads, it's no longer possible to upload new releases to google code.

ElmahEFLogger - Global exceptions logger for Entity Framework 6.x using ELMAH

  •    CSharp

Global exceptions logger for Entity Framework 6.x using ELMAH. You can also view the package page on NuGet.