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WinPwnage - 💻 Elevate, UAC bypass, privilege escalation, dll hijack techniques

  •    Python

The meaning of this repo is to study the techniques. Techniques are found online, on different blogs and repos here on GitHub. I do not take credit for any of the findings, thanks to all the researchers.

node-windows - Run NodeJS as Windows Service

  •    Javascript

Run Node.js scripts as native Windows services. Includes monitoring. It supports to create logs in the Event log, Run a command with elevated privileges, List Tasks, Kill Tasks etc. node-windows does not use native modules. There are some binary/exe utilities, but everything needed to run more complex tasks is packaged and distributed in a readily usable format. So, no need for Visual Studio... at least not for this module.

electron-sudo - Electron subprocesses with administrative privileges, prompting the user with an OS dialog if necessary

  •    Javascript

Run a subprocess with administrative privileges, prompting the user with a graphical OS dialog if necessary. Useful for background subprocesse which run native Electron apps that need sudo.If you don't trust binaries bundled in npm package you can manually build tools and use them instead.

is-elevated - Check if the process is running with elevated privileges

  •    Javascript

By checking if the process is root on Unix systems or if the user is Administrator on Windows.Keep in mind that root and Administrator mean different things so this module might not be suitable for your use-case.