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athenapdf - Drop-in replacement for wkhtmltopdf built on Go, Electron and Docker

  •    Go

Simple, Docker-powered PDF conversions.Athena is comprised of an Electron command line interface (CLI) tool, and a Go microservice for converting HTML to PDF documents.

electrino - Desktop runtime for apps built on web technologies, using the system's own web browser engine

  •    Objective-C

A desktop runtime for apps built on web technologies, using the system's own web browser engine. Electrino is an experimental featherweight alternative to the popular and powerful Electron. It implements a minuscule portion of the APIs available in Electron, but the output app size is much smaller.

Medis - Beautiful, easy-to-use Mac database management application for Redis.

  •    Javascript

Medis is a beautiful, easy-to-use Redis management application built on the modern web with Electron, React, and Redux. It's powered by many awesome Node.js modules, especially ioredis and ssh2. It supports Keys viewing/editing, JSON/MessagePack format viewing/editing and built-in highlighting/validator, Working with millions keys and key members without blocking the redis server and lot more.

go-astilectron - Build cross platform GUI apps with GO and HTML/JS/CSS (powered by Electron)

  •    Go

Thanks to go-astilectron build cross platform GUI apps with GO and HTML/JS/CSS. It is the official GO bindings of astilectron and is powered by Electron.To see a minimal Astilectron app, checkout out the demo.


  •    Go

GUI for ql database made with gopherjs, vecty and electron.See hacking below. There is nothing really useful here except to demonstrate how you can use gopherjs to build electron applications.

dockeron - Electron + Vue.js for Docker

  •    Vue

A dockeron project, built on Electron + Vue.js for Docker.I am only using Mac version, which means that the Windows and Linux versions are to be tested.

particle-sdk-ios - Official Particle Cloud SDK for iOS

  •    Objective-C

Particle iOS Cloud SDK is available under the Apache License 2.0. See the LICENSE file for more info.

desktop - Go/HTML/CSS/JS Desktop application scaffold.

  •    Go

Go/HTML/CSS/JS Desktop application scaffold. Build your application using Go APIs, and an HTML/CSS/JavaScript front-end inside the www folder, just like a normal web root.

browser - A small Upspin file browser

  •    Go

This is the Jn.gl Browser. It is a native Upspin browser built on Electron and React. This is functional but still has some rough edges and missing features.

comet - Boostrap Desktop Apps with Go (wraps Electron in a neat cli)

  •    Go

Boostrap for desktop apps with Go; wraps electron in a neat cli for packaging and distributing static directories, local servers, public services etc as desktop apps. This is Work In Progress: Not ready for use.

app-builder - Generic helper tool to build app in a distributable format

  •    Go

Generic helper tool to build app in a distributable formats. Used by electron-builder but applicable not only for building Electron applications.

gopherjs-electron - Gopherjs bindings for Electron with an API translator.

  •    Go

This project implements an API translator and some convenience functions for creating Electron APP using Gopherjs. The translator reads electron api json file and output the corresponding gopherjs struct and functions into files with raw_ prefix.

hxelectron - Haxe type definitions for the electron framework

  •    Haxe

Haxe type definitions for electron, a framework for building cross-platform desktop applications with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. All type definitions are generated from electron-api.json by ElectronAPI.hx.