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electron-builder - A complete solution to package and build a ready for distribution Electron app with “auto update” support out of the box

  •    TypeScript

A complete solution to package and build a ready for distribution Electron, Proton Native or Muon app for macOS, Windows and Linux with “auto update” support out of the box. See documentation on electron.build.

electron-vue - An Electron & Vue

  •    Javascript

The boilerplate for making electron applications built with vue (pretty much what it sounds like). The aim of this project is to remove the need of manually setting up electron apps using vue. electron-vue takes advantage of vue-cli for scaffolding, webpack with vue-loader, electron-packager or electron-builder, and some of the most used plugins like vue-router, vuex, and so much more.

Lepton - 💻 Democratizing Snippet Management (macOS/Win/Linux)

  •    Javascript

Lepton is a lean code snippet manager based on GitHub Gist. Check out its latest release. Check out the .leptonrc template to explore different customization options.

bozon - Scaffold, Run, Test and Package Electron application with ease

  •    CoffeeScript

Bozon is a single tool for handling different tasks being performed by multiple packages, which is used for building desktop applications with Electron. Simplify building, compiling, running, testing, and packaging your application. Bozon tool should be installed globally in order to be used for all your electron apps.

vue-cli-plugin-electron-builder - A Vue Cli 3 plugin for Electron with no required configuration

  •    Javascript

A Vue Cli 3 plugin for Electron with no required configuration that uses Electron Builder. IMPORTANT: These docs are for the v1.0.0-beta release of VCP Electron Builder. If you were previously using an older version of vue-cli-plugin-electron-builder (<1.0.0), please see the upgrade guide or view the old docs.

elekid - Resolver for React's Server Side Render on Module, ReactElement or Electron

  •    Javascript

I strongly recommend: NO. Why? Elekid reads any code and parse/transpile it in runtime. It cost a lot, just imagine for every process, you will read/parse/transpile/tokenize/write.

QLens - QLens is an electron app which dynamically generates GraphQL Schemas and Mongo Schema visualization

  •    Javascript

Using GraphQL with MongoDB can cause data mismatch and schema duplication requiring developers to write similar code multiple times. This can significantly slow down development time. In addition, there aren't many libraries that tackle MongoDB conversion to GraphQL schemas. Most libraries tackling this issue are focused on relational databases. QLens solves that problem. QLens — Open source tool to extract metadata from your MongoDB database to generate GraphQL schemas, resolvers and server setup.

fable-elmish-electron-material-ui-demo - Complete boilerplate for Electron apps using Fable and Elmish with hot module reloading, time-travel debugging, etc

  •    F#

This is an example of an F# Electron app centered around Fable 2 and Elmish. The actual app contents (which you can easily replace to build your own Electron app) are intended to show how to use Material-UI (including JSS/style-as-code) as well as serve as examples of how to implement some (not always trivial) UX patterns in Elmish. To use the demo for scaffolding your own Fable/Elmish/Electron apps, simply clone the repo and start hackin' on the Renderer project to get started (details below).

example-electron-license-activation - An example of how to implement software licensing and device activation in an Electron application

  •    Javascript

First up, configure a couple application variables. The values below, embedded within the app, are for our demo account. Feel free to find/replace to your own account's values. The maxMachines value can be whatever you prefer. The example should also work for a non-floating policy.

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