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dockeron - Electron + Vue.js for Docker

  •    Vue

A dockeron project, built on Electron + Vue.js for Docker.I am only using Mac version, which means that the Windows and Linux versions are to be tested.

bookmark - Desktop app to manage bookmarked links using Atom Electron and Vue.js

  •    Javascript

Bookmark is simple desktop application example for organizing and storing bookmarked links in one place made using Vue.js, Atom Electron and Firebase. Cross browser extension made using Vue.js to make bookmark links easier directly from browser.

surfbird - A Microblogging client built on Electron and Vue

  •    Javascript

Surfbird is in active development and far away from being usable. You can build it yourself or download one of the pre-releases, a working or stable experience is not guaranteed yet. This project exists thanks to all the people who contribute. [Contribute].

elekid - Resolver for React's Server Side Render on Module, ReactElement or Electron

  •    Javascript

I strongly recommend: NO. Why? Elekid reads any code and parse/transpile it in runtime. It cost a lot, just imagine for every process, you will read/parse/transpile/tokenize/write.

eplee - Sweet, simple epub reader

  •    Javascript

Eplee is an ePub reader focused on clean distraction-free reading experience with simple and beautiful UI. There are lots of open source epub reader available right now. So, the question "Why there is a need for another epub reader?" is meaningful. The answer is the reading experience. Eplee focused on clean UI that let you read a book without annoying GUI.