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scalike-typescript - Scala like utility for TypeScript.

  •    TypeScript

You can use map, flatMap like a Scala. Almost implements methods of Scala. and, of counse Immutable. Install scalike using npm.

redux-either - FSA-compliant either monad middleware for redux

  •    Javascript

FSA-compliant either monad middleware for Redux. This is based on redux-future.

func - Functional additions to C

  •    C++

A Maybe type is a polymorphic type that represents encapsulation of an optional value. The Either type represents values with two possibilities: a value of type Either a b is either Left a or Right b.

either - Elm Either

  •    Elm

A generic structure for a type with two possibilities: a Left a or a Right b. An Either is right-biased, so most operations will be applied to the Right—although most operations are provided for Left as well.

dgelong - A JavaScript Implementation of Useful First-class Citizens.

  •    Javascript

Set of useful first-class structures which allow you to get rid of your developer's pain. I don't want make another implementation that requires Ph.D in Math. The usage of monads should be as simple as functional composition f(g(a)). API should be close to native. So if we're talking about data structures, they should be produced in the same way as natives: by calling constructor function with or without new operator (I prefer the second approach).

eitherx - :pill: Your go-to, prescribed, error-boundary component for React

  •    Javascript

💊 Super simple, reusable binary error boundaries for React. Your go-to, prescribed, error-boundary helper. Eitherx either renders the first child component, unless an error occurred while rendering, then the second child is rendered. Easy enough 😄.

apropos - Fast strong typed 'Either' data structure for typescript and flow

  •    Javascript

Create pure left-handed value, right-handed type is empty. Create right-handed value, left-handed type is inferred from usage. Technically, Right returns the same as of; the difference is only in the type inference.

kotlin-result - A Result monad for modelling success or failure operations.

  •    Kotlin

Result<V, E> is a monad for modelling success (Ok) or failure (Err) operations. The Result monad has two subtypes, Ok<V> representing success and containing a value, and Err<E>, representing an error and containing an error value.

fantasy-eithers - Either data structure.

  •    Javascript

This project is no longer developed or maintained. Consider sanctuary-either as a replacement.

fastify-funky - Make fastify functional! Plugin, adding support for fastify routes returning functional structures, such as Either, Task or plain parameterless function

  •    Javascript

fastify-funky plugin is executed during preSerialization response lifecycle phase. If the function returns an Either object, it will be handled in the same way as if you returned that Either object directly.

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