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elixirschool - Premier destination to learn and master the Elixir programming language

  •    CSS

Elixir School is the premier destination for people looking to learn and master the Elixir programming language. Lessons can now be viewed at ElixirSchool.com.

stream-adventure - go on an educational stream adventure!

  •    Javascript

First install node version 0.10 or later. Once you've installed node, you will have an npm command.

algorithm-archive - A collaborative book on algorithms

  •    C

We do not yet accept entirely new chapters by everyone. If you would like to start work on one, get in contact with Leios first. If you create a full chapter, including text, and submit it as a pull request it is most likely going to get rejected. If you want to help, it is best to write language examples for existing chapters. You can also try to find spelling or other mistakes in existing chapters and submit fixes for those.

SocialFish - Ultimate phishing tool. Socialize with the credentials.

  •    HTML

ONLY DOWNLOAD IT HERE, DO NOT TRUST IN OTHER PLACES. This is the official and only repository of the SocialFish project.

gui-challenges - centralized projects from the YouTube show GUI Challenges

  •    HTML

I build interfaces my way, then challenge you to do it your way. With our creative minds combined, we'll find multiple ways to solve these interfaces and expand the diversity of our skills.

awesome-python-talks - :clapper: :mortar_board: An opinionated list of awesome videos related to Python, with a focus on training and gaining hands-on experience

  •    Shell

An opinionated list of awesome videos related to Python, with a focus on training and gaining hands-on experience. Python 3.3: Trust Me, It's Better than 2.7 [35 + 5 min, PyCon US 2013, slides] – A comprehensive overview of new features in Python 3.0 to 3.3, so you know what you need to read about.

security-adventure - Go on an educational Web security adventure!

  •    Javascript

This repository contains an exciting quest to learn about Web security by learning about vulnerabilities, exploiting them, and then crafting code to protect against them. Before embarking on this adventure, make sure you have the skills taught in learnyounode and levelmeup.

FRISCjs - FRISC processor simulator in JavaScript

  •    Javascript

FRISCjs is a FRISC processor simulator written in JavaScript. The FRISCjs simulator has two parts: a FRISC assembler (built using PEGjs) which translates FRISC assembly code to machine code and a FRISC CPU simulator which executes machine code.

data-structures-and-algorithms - :book::computer: A compendium for self-education geared for "people who do not have computer science degrees

  •    PHP

Core computer science concepts, such as "data structures and algorithms," are taught using a classist, fucked-up pedagogical approach that makes me viscerally, incoherently angry. Nevertheless, I would like to know what the fuck people mean when they say things like "data structure" or "algorithm" and refer to specific structures or specific algorithms. Despite 20 years of practical programming experience, working in a variety of Information Technology sectors, I still feel completely lost when attempting to navigate this area of specialized knowledge. THIS IS NOT A PERSONAL FAILURE. Moreover, there are explicit and intentional reasons that benefit mostly white men that explain the consistency and reliability for which education around computer science fails so many people like myself.

sicm - Working through Structure and Interpretation of Classical Mechanics.

  •    Scheme

Structure and Interpretation of Classical Mechanics is a book by Gerald Jay Sussman and Jack Wisdom that aims to explain classical mechanics using the variational principle with no ambiguity. It does this by ensuring that every mathematical expression in the book is in one-to-one correspondence with an equivalent expression written in computer code. And computer code is nothing if not precise and unambiguous. In this repository, you will find all the code corresponding to the mathematics in the book, including the numerous interspersed exercises. This repository also holds the source code for the underlying Scheme library, scmutils, that is heavily employed in the book, along with notes on how to get all this working on OS X with mit-scheme.

awesome-tech-talks - :mortar_board: :clapper: An opinionated list of awesome videos related to IT / development topics, with a focus on training and gaining hands-on experience


An opinionated list of awesome videos related to IT / development topics, with a focus on training and gaining hands-on experience. Note that "development" and "operations" category entries can be equally useful to both administrators and developers, and be it only to get a glimpse across the fence (or wall, most often). The Impact of Leveraging Open Source [51 min, Devoxx Belgium 2017] – Very nice introduction to Open Source (in the enterprise) and its major licenses by Jeff Strauss, an actual (but recovering) lawyer.

livecodelab - a web based livecoding environment

  •    CoffeeScript

Livecodelab is a special secret place where you can make fancy "on-the-fly" 3d visuals and play awesomely offbeat (literally) sounds. "On-the-fly" meaning: as you type. Type just three letters: "box", and boom! a box appears. No clicking play, no waiting, no nothing.

PyCut - PyCut, a pizza-making puzzle game made for RIT IGME-582's final project

  •    Python

PyCut is a pizza-making puzzle game made for the IGME-582 final project at the Rochester Institute of Technology. This game teaches basic units of measure to children inspired by the Pizza Pass minigame of Logical Journey of the Zoombinis (1996). This project is a game designed to run on the One Laptop per Child XO laptops. You can find more information about the scope, background, and context of the project on our wiki.

bug-clinic - a nodeschool.io-style workshopper for learning how to debug Node.js apps

  •    Javascript

bug-clinic is Copyright (c) 2014 Forrest L Norvell @othiym23 and contributors licensed under the BSD License. All rights not explicitly granted in the BSD License are reserved. See the included LICENSE.md file for more details.

diy_framework - Learning project: simple, asynchronous, and minimalistic HTTP server and framework

  •    Python

It's a DIY asynchronous microframework project to further explore Python35+, software architecture, and a few other interesting things. It is composed of a simple HTTP/1.1 async server and the actual framework. This is not production grade code.

seq.asm - Minimal implementation of UNIX seq command in x86_64 assembly.

  •    Assembly

A simple implementation of the UNIX seq command in 100% x86_64 assembly. The seq command generates a sequence of numbers from the given parameters. This implementation serves as a well-documented example project for those learning assembly, much like the calc.asm project. If only one argument is provided, start is assumed to be 1.

Rel - Rel is an implementation of Date & Darwen's "Tutorial D" database language.

  •    Java

This is the live development repository for Rel, an implementation of Date & Darwen's "Tutorial D" database language. Download and install Eclipse for RCP and RAP Developers. Eclipse Oxygen or newer is required. Run Eclipse.

reactive-turtle - Scala and Akka for kids

  •    Scala

This, is a story, about a father and his son, then about the father the father the father, and then again his son. I have a son called Elian, he’s 11 and he’s very smart, so I decided to teach him programming. Obviously I love him, so I choose to go with Scala. I started with some basics, vals and defs for doing some maths, but it quickly became boring so my son lost the interest.

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