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elliptic - Fast Elliptic Curve Cryptography in plain javascript

  •    Javascript

Fast elliptic-curve cryptography in a plain javascript implementation.NOTE: Please take a look at http://safecurves.cr.yp.to/ before choosing a curve for your cryptography operations.

The GLMET Project


The GLMET Project, was last a word encrypt software, GLMET/MLT. Now, it is a Open-source software publisher of Visual Studio/Visual Basic/c++ and c#.

secp256k1-node - Node.js binding for an Optimized C library for EC operations on curve secp256k1

  •    Javascript

This module provides native bindings to bitcoin-core/secp256k1. In browser elliptic will be used.This library is experimental, so use at your own risk. Works on node version 4.0.0 or greater.

karma-simple - A simple, lightweight and functional Discord Karma tracking bot for guild members.

  •    Javascript

A simple, lightweight and functional Discord utility/Bot used for awarding positive or negative "Karma" to any user/keyword. We make sure to keep up-to-date. Although this is a small bot, we still run the same CI and build tests (as shown above). Our buildfile test includes our autoinstaller script(s). The config we use for Travis is here for anyone curious.

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