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OpenEBS - Containerized Storage for Containers

  •    Go

OpenEBS is containerized block storage written in Go for cloud native and other environments w/ per container (or pod) QoS SLAs, tiering and replica policies across AZs and environments, and predictable and scalable performance.

ghe-backup - A Github Enterprise backup approach based on Docker and multiple AWS accounts

  •    Python

Zalando Tech's Github Enterprise backup approach.Github Enterprise at Zalando Tech is a Ha setup running master and replica instances on AWS. The AWS account that runs the high availability setup also runs one backup host. There is a second backup host running in a different AWS account. We believe this backup gives us reliable backup data even in case one AWS is compromised.

ebs-snapshot-lambda - AWS lambda function to snapshot EBS volumes and purge old snapshots.

  •    Javascript

AWS lambda function to snapshot EBS volumes and purge old snapshots.Snapshot (required) - the presence of this key indicates that this EBS volume needs to be snapshotted when the lambda function runs. Ideally, the lambda function will be scheduled once a day.

ebs-backup - Backup EBS Volumes

  •    Go

Back up attached volumes tagged with Name=db-* and attached to /dev/xvdf, retaining up to 3 snapshots per volume. A full end-to-end test suite is located in test/aws subdirectory. See the test_aws target in the Makefile.

goat - actively maintained fork of this project is available at https://github.com/steamhaus/goat

  •    Go

goat is a Go program which runs from inside the EC2 instance. By setting your tags correctly, goat can discover and attach EBS volumes and ENIs. For EBS volumes, it can perform additional actions such as RAID (with mdadm), mkfs, and mount EBS volumes to the EC2 instance where it's running.