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nsupdate.info - Dynamic DNS service

  •    Python

https://nsupdate.info is a free dynamic DNS service. nsupdate.info is also the name of the software used to implement it. If you like, you can use it to host the service on your own server.

KadNode - P2P DNS with content key, crypto key and PKI support. DynDNS alternative.

  •    C

KadNode is a small and decentralized DNS resolver that can use existing public key infrastructures. It utilizes the BitTorrent P2P network and mbedtls for TLS/crypto support. KadNode can intercept .p2p domain queries on the systems level and resolve them using a decentralized DHT network. TLS authentication can be used to make sure the correct IP address was found. If successful, the IP address is passed to the application making the request.

ddns - Personal DDNS client with Digital Ocean Networking DNS as backend.

  •    Go

Personal DDNS client with Digital Ocean Networking DNS as backend.We have services like DynDNS, No-IP to access PCs remotely. But do we need them? This project is your own DDNS solution and will work for free (thanks to Digital Ocean Networking DNS).

ddns - A self-hosted Dynamic DNS solution similar to DynDNS or NO-IP

  •    Go

A self-hosted Dynamic DNS solution similar to DynDNS or NO-IP. You can use a hosted version at ddns.pboehm.de where you can register a host under the d.pboehm.de domain (e.g test.d.pboehm.de).

inadyn - Dynamic DNS client with SSL/TLS support

  •    C

Inadyn is a small and simple Dynamic DNS, DDNS, client with HTTPS support. Commonly available in many GNU/Linux distributions, used in off the shelf routers and Internet gateways to automate the task of keeping your Internet name in sync with your public¹ IP address. It can also be used in installations with redundant (backup) connections to the Internet. Most people are unaware they share a pool of Internet addresses with other users of the same Internet Service Provider (ISP). Protocols like DHCP, PPPoE, or PPPoA are used to give you an address and a way to connect to the Internet, but usually not a way for others to connect to you. If you want to run an Internet server on such a connection you risk losing your IP address every time you reconnect, or as in the case of DHCP even when the lease is renegotiated.

gandi-live-dns - DynDNS Updater for Gandi LiveDNS REST API

  •    Python

This is a simple dynamic DNS updater for the Gandi registrar. It uses their LiveDNS REST API to update the zone file for a subdomain of a domain to point at the external IPv4 address of the computer it has been run from. It has been developed on Debian 8 Jessie and tested on Debian 9 Stretch GNU/Linux using Python 2.7.

dmedyn - DNS Made Easy - Dynamic DNS updater

  •    Javascript

DNS Made Easy - Dynamic DNS updater. This simple script updates your DNSMadeEasy account with your current IP address.

godns - A dynamic DNS client tool, supports DNSPod & HE.net, written in Go.

  •    Go

GoDNS is a dynamic DNS (DDNS) client tool, it is based on my early open source project: DynDNS. Now I rewrite DynDNS by Golang and call it GoDNS.

dyndnsd - A small, lightweight and extensible DynDNS server written with Ruby and Rack.

  •    Ruby

A small, lightweight and extensible DynDNS server written with Ruby and Rack. dyndnsd.rb aims to implement a small DynDNS-compliant server in Ruby supporting IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. It has an integrated user and hostname database in it's configuration file that is used for authentication and authorization. Besides talking the DynDNS protocol it is able to invoke a so-called updater, a small Ruby module that takes care of supplying the current hostname => ip mapping to a DNS server.

minidyndns - A simple DynDNS server with an build in HTTP interface to update IPs

  •    Ruby

Make sure you have Ruby 1.9 or 2 installed (e.g. the ruby1.9.1 package on Debian Linux). Download dns.rb, config.yml and db.yml. These three files are all you need.

sftdyn - Self-hosted dyndns/dynamic DNS server and updater for bind

  •    Python

sftdyn is a minimalistic dynamic DNS server that accepts update requests via HTTP(S) and forwards them to a locally running DNS server via nsupdate -l. It lets you easily create a dyndns.org-like service, using your own DNS server, and can (probably) be used with your router.

homer - A dynamic DNS server written in node.js

  •    Javascript

A dynamic DNS server written in node.js

dyndns53 - Run your own dynamic DNS service with Amazon Route 53

  •    Go

dyndns53 lets you run your own dynamic DNS service with Amazon Route 53 by updating a domain of your choice with the public IP address of the machine it runs on. Register a domain name, if you haven't already. Then log in to the AWS management console and follow the steps below.

IPSRC - IPSRC helps you find your server from anywhere.

  •    Python

IPSRC is a program that allows you to keep track of your home computer's IP. It allows your server to automatically get its IP, encrypt it, and broadcast it on a platform of your choice. The currently supported platforms are GIT and Disk. In the above configuration, we have set the platform to be Git. This means that the server will obtain its IP address, encrypt it, and push it to a Git repository. The public key must be the client's public key.

terraform-provider-dyn - Terraform Dyn provider

  •    Go

If you wish to work on the provider, you'll first need Go installed on your machine (version 1.11+ is required). You'll also need to correctly setup a GOPATH, as well as adding $GOPATH/bin to your $PATH. To compile the provider, run make build. This will build the provider and put the provider binary in the $GOPATH/bin directory.

docker-cloudflare-ddns - A small amd64/ARM/ARM64 Docker image that allows you to use CloudFlare as a DDNS / DynDNS Provider

  •    Shell

This small Alpine Linux based Docker image will allow you to use the free CloudFlare DNS Service as a Dynamic DNS Provider (DDNS). If you need multiple records pointing to your public IP address you can create CNAME records in CloudFlare.

dynflare - DynamicDNS using Cloudflare

  •    Go

Dynamic DNS using Cloudflare. Periodically fetch your public IP address and ensure update the given domain's A record to match it. Useful if your ISP don't provide static IPs. The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.

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