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zmNinja - High performance, cross platform ionic app for Home/Commerical Security Surveillance using ZoneMinder or other NVRs

  •    Javascript

zmNinja is a multi platform (iOS, Android, Windows Desktop, Mac Desktop, Linux Desktop) client for ZoneMinder users. ZoneMinder is an incredible open source camera monitoring system and is used by many for home and commercial security monitoring.

MythTV - Digital Video Recorder

  •    TypeScript

MythTV is a digital video recorder software and home media center hub. It supports Watch and record analog and/or digital TV, including HDTV, Pause, skip, and rewind live TV shows, Parental controls, Watch and archive DVDs, capable of managing your personal photo, video, and music collections and lot more.

differentiable_volumetric_rendering - This repository contains the code for the CVPR 2020 paper "Differentiable Volumetric Rendering: Learning Implicit 3D Representations without 3D Supervision"

  •    Python

This repository contains the code for the paper Differentiable Volumetric Rendering: Learning Implicit 3D Representations without 3D Supervision. You can find detailed usage instructions for training your own models and using pre-trained models below.

Microsoft Media Platform: Player Framework

  •    Silverlight

Microsoft's open source media player framework - a component of the Microsoft Media Platform. This project was formerly known as the Silverlight Media Framework (SMF).

antennas - šŸ“”HDHomeRun emulator for Plex DVR to connect to Tvheadend.

  •    Javascript

A JavaScript port of tvhProxy which is a program that translates the Tvheadend API to emulate a HDHomeRun API. This is particularly useful to connect Plex's DVR feature to Tvheadend.

plexheadend - TVHeadend/PlexDVR Proxy

  •    Go

Download the latest release from the downloads page. Download and build the project and its dependencies with the standard Go tooling, go get github.com/wrboyce/plexheadend.

node-hdhomerun - low-level device control of HDHomeRun TV tuners for node.js

  •    Javascript

Control your SiliconDust HDHomeRun network-attached digital TV tuner from node.js. This module provides a JavaScript interface to discover devices, and to get and set device control variables. While not a complete solution in itself, hdhomerun provides the low-level functionality necessary to build higher level tools and applications (such as DVR). Users of hdhomerun will certainly want to refer to libhdhomerun (the C library provided by the manufacturer) for details on how the low-level get/set API can be used to implement higher-level functionality. See examples/cli.js for a node version of the libhdhomerun 'hdhomerun_config' CLI utility. When called without a search_id argument, discover() will accept responses from all devices on the local network that respond to it's broadcast request within the timeout period (currently 500ms).

MediaPortal-2 - Development of MediaPortal 2

  •    CSharp

The main goal of MediaPortal 2 is to provide the best mediacenter software available when it comes to usability, flexibility and extensibility. All in the comfort of your living room, on your big screen LCD or Plasma TV or projector. And these are only the basics.

swanntools - Capture tools for the Swann DVR4-1200 DVR

  •    Go

Capture tools for the Swann DVR4-1200 DVR (also known as DVR04B and DM70-D, manufactured by RaySharp), inspired by meatheadmike/swanntools which was developed for DVR8-2600. Whereas the latter's mobile stream script is compatible with the DVR4-1200 (for a 320x240 stream) its media port script (for a higher quality 704x480 stream) is not compatible with the DVR4-1200, hence the creation of this repository. This repository is part of a long-term project to build a more secure system piggybacking off the DVR4-1200 with cloud backups and much better web/mobile clients.

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