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shellen - :cherry_blossom: Interactive shellcoding environment to easily craft shellcodes

  •    Python

Shellen is an interactive shellcoding environment. If you want a handy tool to write shellcodes, then shellen may be your friend. Shellen can also be used as an assembly or disassembly tool. keystone and capstone engines are used for all of shellen's operations.



NReco: .NET integration framework for model driven development.

aerial_mapper - Real-time Dense Point Cloud, Digital Surface Map (DSM) and (Ortho-)Mosaic Generation for UAVs

  •    C++

This work was partially funded by the European FP7 project SHERPA (FP7-600958) and the Federal office armasuisse Science and Technology under project number 050-45. Furthermore, the authors wish to thank Lucas P. Teixeira from the Vision for Robotics Lab at ETH Zurich for sharing scripts that bridge the gap between Blender and Gazebo.


  •    Javascript

Reference implementation for InVision's DSM Live Components feature. The feature allows embedding Storybook stories in DSM to create a single source of truth for your product teams across design and development. This repository includes example library implementations in React, Vue and Angular that are pre-configured for the @dsm-storybook plugin.

node-synology - A simple wrapper for the Synology NAS API

  •    Javascript

A simple wrapper for the Synology NAS API. For now you can still use directly the Synology.query method to do a raw query but it is not very user friendly.

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