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Hyperion-Android - App Debugging & Inspection Tool for Android

  •    Java

Hyperion is a hidden plugin drawer that can easily be integrated into any app. The drawer sits discreetly 🙊 under the app so that it is there when you need it and out of the way when you don't. Hyperion plugins are designed to make inspection of your app quick and simple. Please see our annoucement blog post for a feature showcase.

Hyperion-iOS - In-app design review tool to inspect measurements, attributes, and animations.

  •    Objective-C

If you like what you see, there's more where that came from. The View Inspector plugin allows you to inspect the properties of any view live within the app.

MaterialDrawer - The flexible, easy to use, all in one drawer library for your Android project.

  •    Java

If any (or all) of these questions seem familiar, the MaterialDrawer is the perfect library for you all. Never waste your time again. It provides you with the easiest possible implementation of a navigation drawer for your application. There is a Header with profiles (AccountHeader), a MiniDrawer for Tablets (like Gmail), provide custom DrawerItems, custom colors, custom themes, ... No limits for customizations.

react-mdl - React Components for Material Design Lite

  •    CSS

This library is now deprecated. It's higly recommended to use Material Design Components instead. Instead of using the official material.css and material.js files from the MDL project, you should use the files we provide in /extra. The reason to that is because the official Layout component is not fully compatible with React. We made a patch and we re-exported everything so people can still use it. If you're worried about the changes we made, you can take a look at the patch note or read about the issue in this ticket.

react-sidebar - A sidebar component for React

  •    Javascript

See a demo here. Note: The sidebar touch functionality doesn't work on IOS because of the "swipe-to-go-back" feature. Therefore the functionality has been disabled on IOS.

react-native-drawer - React Native Drawer

  •    Javascript

React native drawer, configurable to achieve material design style, slack style, parallax, and more. Works in both iOS and Android. This module supports a wide range of drawer styles, and hence has a lot of props.

drawer - Flexible drawer menu using jQuery, iScroll and CSS.

  •    HTML

Flexible drawer menu using jQuery, iScroll and CSS.To contribute to Drawer, clone this repo locally and commit your code. Please check that everything works before opening a pull-request.

KYDrawerController - Side Drawer Navigation Controller similar to Android

  •    Swift

KYDrawerController is a side drawer navigation container view controller similar to Android. Just add the Classes folder to your project.

MaterialDrawerKt - A Kotlin DSL wrapper around the mikepenz/MaterialDrawer library.

  •    Kotlin

Create navigation drawers in your Activities and Fragments without having to write any XML, in pure Kotlin code, with access to all the features of the original library: all sorts of menu items, badges, account headers, and more. You can find the sample app in the Play Store, and its source code in the app module of the project.

react-motion-drawer - Drawer built with react-motion

  •    Javascript

If you want the drawer on the right side of the screen you need the following css. You can hook into the animation by passing a function as the child component.

ember-side-menu - Side menu component for Ember.js applications

  •    Javascript

Mobile friendly Ember menu component using CSS transitions. More effects and SVG path animations coming soon. This addon is compatible with and tested against Ember 1.13 and higher.

bootstrap-drawer - A Bootstrapadd-on to create off-canvas styled navigation

  •    CSS

A Bootstrap add-on to create drawer (off-canvas) styled navigation. As of Bootstrap 3, there is no "drawer" element - a drawer-like menu that goes off screen. This is an add-on to the core Bootstrap framework that adds various .drawer classes to quickly and easily create the drawer component.