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ngDfp - DoubleClick For Publishers for Angular JS

  •    Javascript

ngDfp is a simple library for Angular JS that allows you to add DoubleClick for Publishers tags to your Angular site. This library requires Angular JS 1.2 or higher. It might work with older versions but I can't guarantee it.

ArcAds - ArcAds is a DFP wrapper created by Arc Publishing with publishers in mind.

  •    Javascript

ArcAds is a DFP wrapper created by Arc Publishing with publishers in mind, using ArcAds you can selectivley make use of many Google Publisher Tag (GPT) features such as size mapping, refreshing, and slot targeting. In addition you can also make use of a series of header bidding vendors such as Prebid.js and Amazon A9/TAM by passing in some optional parameters. To get started you must include the script tag for ArcAds in your page header, located here. You can also optionally run yarn install followed by yarn build to compile it yourself incase you need to make any modifications. Once included you can initialize the ArcAds wrapper class like so in your page header.

angular-dfp - Semantic DoubleClick integration with AngularJS

  •    Javascript

Semantic DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP by Google) integration with AngularJS. AngularDfp allows you to interact with Google's GPT library and DFP services using only Angular directives, effectively replacing any JavaScript to define and customize your ad slots, as you usually would. Also, it was built especially with infinite-scroll and other dynamic content strategies in mind and has out-of-the-box support for it.

rdfp - This R package connects the DoubleClick for Publishers API from R

  •    R

If you encounter a clear bug, please file a minimal reproducible example on GitHub. The README below outlines the package functionality, but review the vignettes for more detailed examples on usage.

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