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DNN CMS Platform

  •    ASP

DNN® is the leading open source web content management platform (CMS) in the Microsoft ecosystem.

helferlein_Form for DotNetNuke

  •    CSharp

helferlein_Form is an easy-to-use module written in C# for DotNetNuke that allows creating forms.



A Free Open Source Help Desk / Support Desk / Ticket Tracker Module

DNN Content Localization Tools


Dotnetnuke Content Localization Tools makes it easier for site administrators to update there muli-language dnn website.

Evotiva's DotNetNuke Search and Replace Module

  •    CSharp

A DotNetNuke Search and Replace tool. It allows you to search (and optionally replace) text within any table in the DotNetNuke database. More at www.evotiva.com

DNN Chat


DNN Chat is a basic module used for live chat on your DNN site.

DotNetNuke® Map


DotNetNuke® Map is a module which provides a mashup for any custom data into the Google Map API for displaying informative maps on your DNN site.

DotNetNuke® XML


DotNetNuke® XML is a rich module used for displaying XML transformations on your DNN site.

2SexyContent for DotNetNuke - great looking and animated content


2SexyContent is an Extension to create attractive, designed content. It lets web designer create designed templates for users to fill, creating amazing output.

User Group Labs: My Groups


This is one of a series of social modules in the DotNetNuke User Group Labs project. This module allows you to easily lists the groups that a user is a part of

User Group Labs: Group Meta Data


This module allows you to create and manage generic meta data for the social groups in DotNetNuke.



Online document library module for DotNetNuke

BBImageHandler - An image generator for DotNetNuke and ASP.NET


The BBImageHandler for DotNetNuke and ASP.NET gives users and module programmers the opportunity to use a handler that displays resized images, adds watermarks to images, creates thumbnails of web pages or displays images stored in a database table without storing them to har...



A Home Automation project to interact with INSTEON devices, the idea is to have a web service accessible from multiple devices (apps) to turn on/off lights, appliances etc in a home powered by INSTEON hardware.

DNN Content Library

  •    CSharp

A library project that includes sample modules that includes controls that work with the Content Items added in DotNetNuke 4.5.x.

DotNetNuke Developers Help File

  •    DotNet

MSDN Style help based upon inline code comments in de DotNetNuke Source Modules. The help files are generated using SandCastle and the SandCastle Help File Builder using the unmodified sources from DotNetNuke, which can be downloaded from www.DotNetNuke.com

DotNetNuke® Skin Crome


A 2011 DotNetNuke Design Challenge skin package submitted to the "Traditional" category by Tracy Wittenkeller of T-Worx. This package is 100% XHTML, CSS W3C, and uses the DNNRadMenu Telerik skin object (included in the release).

DotNetNuke® Skin SMB


A DotNetNuke Design Challenge skin package submitted to the Traditional category by Josef Staroba. All artwork used for containers and skins was hand drawn by Josef, based on the popular video game Super Mario Brothers owned exclusively by Nintendo.

DotNetNuke® Skin BoxBizMedia


A DotNetNuke Design Challenge skin package submitted to the Traditional category by John of DnnCovered. This package is 100% XHTML and CSS W3C compliant.