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eon - An open-source chart and map framework for realtime data.

  •    Shell

This is the repository for the compiled EON framework, including eon-chart and eon-map. This repository contains gh-pages and gulp tasks to compile the full EON framework. Each module has it's own repository and documentation found below.

uvCharts - Simple yet powerful JavaScript Charting library built using d3.js

  •    Javascript

Simple, robust, extensible JavaScript charting library built using d3 designed to help developers embed, build charts in less than couple of minutes. To learn more about uvCharts and how to use it, read the wiki page or the 5 minute quick start guide.

ngDonut - Lightweight and extensible Angular implementation of the D3 donut graph.

  •    Javascript

Lightweight and extensible Angular implementation of the D3 donut graph.

svg-arc-corners - SVG arc with rounded corners path generator

  •    Javascript

If you pass true for returnPoints, function will return the SVG path as an array of points and commands. The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.

donutjs - Simplest cross-browser (VML+SVG) donut chart generator

  •    Javascript

Simplest cross-browser (VML+SVG) donut chart generator

donut-chart - donut chart with linecap

  •    Javascript

create donut chart with linecap

vue-css-donut-chart - Lightweight Vue component for drawing pure CSS donut charts

  •    Vue

With sane defaults in place, basic usage is as simple as passing a sections array of objects with a value prop to vc-donut component. If you want more control over text content of the chart, default slot can be used instead of the text prop.

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