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rcrossref - R client for various CrossRef APIs

  •    R

The following functions all use the CrossRef API.cr_r() uses the function cr_works() internally.

rorcid - A programmatic interface the Orcid.org API

  •    R

rorcid is an R programmatic interface to the Orcid public API. rorcid is not a product developed or distributed by ORCID®.There's a function as.orcid() in this package to help coerce an Orcid ID to an object that holds details for that Orcid ID, prints a nice summary, and you can browse easily to that profile. E.g.

Structure_threader - A wrapper program to parallelize and automate runs of "Structure", "fastStructure" and "MavericK"

  •    Python

A program to parallelize the runs of Structure, fastStructure and MavericK software. Structure_threader is available on Pypi. It can be installed by simply running the above command. If you are on a *nix like platform, you can use the --user option if you can't or don't want to install the program as root user. Binaries for STRUCTURE, fastStructure and MavericK are also distributed for GNU/Linux and Mac OS X. For more details, please check the manual.

crossref - Download metadata for all DOIs using the Crossref API

  •    Jupyter

This repository downloads Crossref metadata using the Crossref API. The items retrieved are stored in MongoDB to preserve their raw structure. This design allows for flexible downstream analyses. MongoDB is run via Docker. It's available on the host machine at http://localhost:27017/.

manubot-rootstock - Clone me to create your manuscript

  •    CSS

This repository is a template manuscript (a.k.a. rootstock). Actual manuscript instances will clone this repository (see SETUP.md) and replace this paragraph with a description of their manuscript. Manubot is a system for writing scholarly manuscripts via GitHub. Manubot automates citations and references, versions manuscripts using git, and enables collaborative writing via GitHub. The Manubot Rootstock repository is a general purpose template for creating new Manubot instances, as detailed in SETUP.md. See USAGE.md for documentation how to write a manuscript.

scihub - Source code and data analyses for the Sci-Hub Coverage Study

  •    Jupyter

The manuscript for this study is continuously built at greenelab/scihub-manuscript with the latest version available at https://greenelab.github.io/scihub-manuscript/. The webapp directory creates the Sci-Hub Stats Browser, which is exported to docs and hosted via GitHub Pages.

Tutorials - Tutorials for creating figures, tables, or other content for AAS Journals.

  •    Jupyter

Tutorials for creating figures, tables, or other content for AAS Journals. These tutorials are provided under a CC-BY-4.0 license except for code snippets or scripts, which are provided under the license specified by the software or an MIT license if none is otherwise designated.

habanero - low level client for Crossref search API

  •    Python

This is a low level client for working with Crossref's search API. It's been named to be more generic, as other organizations are/will adopt Crossref's search API, making it possible to interact with all from one client.

codemeta - Minimal metadata schemas for science software and code, in JSON-LD

  •    R

CodeMeta contributors are creating a minimal metadata schema for science software and code, in JSON and XML. The goal of CodeMeta is to create a concept vocabulary that can be used to standardize the exchange of software metadata across repositories and organizations. CodeMeta started by comparing the software metadata used across multiple repositories, which resulted in the CodeMeta Metadata Crosswalk. That crosswalk was then used to generate a set of software metadata concepts, which were arranged into a JSON-LD context for serialization. See https://codemeta.github.io for a visualization of the crosswalk table and guides for users and developers.

doi-regex - Regular expression for matching DOIs

  •    HTML

Returns a regex for matching a DOI. Returns a regex for matching a DOI that has been declared with a doi: string in front.

citecorp - Client for the Open Citations Corpus

  •    R

You are probably not going to be using oci identifiers, but rather DOIs and/or PMIDs and/or PMCIDs. See ?oc_lookup for methods for cross-walking among identifier types.

pybotics - The Python Toolbox for Robotics

  •    Python

Pybotics is an open-source Python toolbox for robot kinematics and calibration. It was designed to provide a simple, clear, and concise interface to quickly simulate and evaluate common robot concepts, such as kinematics, dynamics, trajectory generations, and calibration. The toolbox is specifically designed for use with the Modified Denavit–Hartenberg parameters convention.

i-librarian-free - I, Librarian - open-source version of a PDF managing SaaS.

  •    PHP

You can download and execute installers for Windows 8, and 10 plus a DEB package and a console installer for Ubuntu, Debian, and its derivatives. An installer for Mac OS X is not available. These installers will install and/or configure Apache and PHP for you. If you don't want that, follow the instructions below to install manually.

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